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    • Added transparent Mask, Hat, Back, Glove and Boots to [Stylist] Cindy's shop in the City of Junon Polis.
    • Added XL and XXL consumables to [Magic Goods Seller] Pabel (Magic City of the Eucar) and [Arumic Merchant] Chester (City of Junon Polis).
    • Added stronger ammunition to [Ferrel Guild Merchant] Mildun (City of Junon Polis), [Weapon Merchant] Crune (City of Junon Polis), [Ferrel Trader] Sergei (Magic City of the Eucar) and [Smith] Pavrick (Magic City of the Eucar).
    • Added descriptions to the Instance, Mukku and Gachapin sets.
    • Added new NPC face icons for [Lost Traveler] Mica, [Akram King] Willhelm, [Akram Queen] Nerisa, Quest Boards, Akram Quest and Instance NPCs.
    • Added two new maps that will become accessible to players in an upcoming patch.
    • Added Anubis Ring, Anubis Necklace and Anubis Earrings:
      • These can be purchased from [Ancient Jewerly Seller] Hetepheres who will be accessible in one of the new maps soon!
    • Added a new Feeds system for an upcoming feature of the Armory:
      • When you complete a task or achieve something we think is worthy of being highlighted, we'll show it in your characters feed! Right now, these include:
        • Leveling Up - Level 10, 30, 50, 70, 100, 125, 150, 175, 200, 210, 218.
        • Joining a Union.
        • Spawning Arua's Fairy.
        • Unlocking an Achievement.
        • Completeing the Junon's Zombie Invasion.
        • Joining the Attacking or Defending side in Junon's Union War.
        • Winning or Losing Junon's Union War.
        • Joining any of the 4 Oro Instances.
        • Winning or Losing any of the 4 Oro Instances.
      • For now, we'll let the logs build up (we've gathered over 235,000 logs so far) and we'll roll this feature out at a later date.
      • These features will also be used for an upcoming Facebook Application!
    • Added (back) the AruaLottery:
      • Introduced in our previous IROSE Client/Server, AruaLottery is a fun way to grab yourself some free AruaPoints and Stat Tokens every week!
      • Purchase your AruaLottery tickets from [Event Info]Felice Fete in the City of Junon Polis for 1,000,000z each.
      • Once the winners are selected (every Friday at 6PM GMT+0), the server will send an in-game announcement automagically, so be sure to be in-game at the time of the draw!
    • Edited the Instance Preparation quest to last slightly longer in case some were experiencing disconnections when teleporting after the preparation period in the Instance Waiting Room.
    • Edited the Golden Astarot Wings texture and icon so that it actually looks golden.
    • Edited the Pink Opal and Amethyst icons when they are gemmed in items:
      • A Pink Opal will now be shown in the item while gemmed instead of showing a Ruby.
      • An Amethyst will now be shown in the item while gemmed instead of a re-colored Garnet.
    • Edited the 3D drop models of Rings, Necklaces and Earrings.
    • Edited Clan Beach map:
      • It is now a Clan vs. Clan zone.
      • The weather will now match the rest of the Junon planet.
    • Edited the wings from Event Bag to stay more of a cosmetic item rather than actual equipment.
    • Edited the icons for the following items:
      • Fire Phoenix Wings
      • Angel Phoenix Wings
      • Devil Phoenix Wings
      • Aqua Phoenix Wings
      • Angelic Goddess Wings
      • Devil Goddess Wings
      • Ice Goddess Wings
      • Lady Goddess Wings
      • Earth Goddess Wings
      • Nature Goddess Wings
      • Wonder Boots (all colors)
      • Obsidian Mail
      • Mana Fusion Suit
      • Pink Opal [4] - [6]
      • Materials with 50 quality and higher (Metal, Metal from Outside World, Stone, Wood, Leather and Cloth)
      • Gems (Ruby, Garnet, Topaz, Sapphire, Emerald, Peridot and Diamond)
      • Event Bags
      • All Medicines, Vital Jams and Instance Points (size identifier)
    • Fixed a bug where the Angelic Goddess Wings would give a Sensibility increase rather than Intelligence.
    • Fixed a bug where Wonder Boots (all colors) weren't showing any name or description.
    • Fixed a bug where Mana Bottle (XL) was showing name and description of Health Bottle (XL) instead of Mana Bottle (XL)
    • Fixed a bug where Easter Bunny and Easter Egg summons were not working as intended.
    • Fixed a bug where the Costume Goody Bags could unlock the Easter Collector and Easter Collector achievements.
    • Fixed a bug where Trades would only be logged if the trade or item value was greater than 10,000z.
    • Fixed the Classification on the items within the Costume Goody Bags.
    • Fixed the trading restrictions on a number of the Costume Goody Bag Shoes.
    • Fixed the trading restrictions on the Easter Bunny Suit.
    • Fixed a display bug where the Pink Cat Head showed your characters hair.
    • Fixed a bug where the 'Just My Luck' achievement would unlock the 'Farming Sharks' achievement.
    • Fixed the NPC face icon for [Mayor] Darren in the City of Junon Polis.
    • Fixed a bug where monsters would spawn on-top of objects in certain Oro maps.
    • Fixed a bug that enabled you to disassemble materials out of Mask Of Sorrows, Mystick Mask and Dusk Mask.
    • Fixed a bug in the "Discount" and "Overcharge" skills for the Dealer class.
    • Removed some anti-hacking technologies built into the Client as it caused the Client to sometimes crash.
    • Removed the option to turn Zulie into Tokens, however, you can still turn Tokens into Zulie if you still have some.
    • Removed the Easter Event 2012.
    • Updated the Armory:
      • All crafting, drop, shop, npc, monster and item data has been updated to the latest version of AruaOnline.
      • A number of bugs that made the Armory incompatible with AruaOnline's data has been fixed.
      • The item pages will now also show a small preview of the item you're viewing.
      • The player pages have been updated to be compatible with AruaOnline data.
      • If you notice any errors since this update, please let us know!
    We would also like to welcome Tuweky and DL Zandorf Ramash officially onto the team. They've both put out their own mods for the community and have been unofficially working with us now for about 2 weeks. They've got some amazing ideas and it's going to be awesome having them on the team. Welcome!

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