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    Today, we are releasing an updated launcher. Players won't notice much difference, but we now have more configuration options for it that allows us to update files much easier.

    We are not releasing AruaROSE v873 with the launcher update in case there are any problems for players during this update process, but it is part of the overall AruaROSE v873 update.


    A new client installer is available from today. We would highly suggest that you grab this new installer and remove your old one. Many unused files have been removed from the installer and it is therefore a much cleaner client.

    Any players who have any problems downloading this update should first download the new client installer and see if that rectifies their problem.

    Read more: http://forum.aruaros...ient-installer/


    Patch Notes:
    • Added new content in preparation of the release of Oro's Clan Fields and the Ramesses Mine.
    • Added Cluster Cannons, Vortext Bullets and Vengeance Arrows ammunition to [Ferrell Guild Staff] Gilbert's shop in Xita Refuge.
    • Added the skill book "Kiss" to [Little Street Vendor] Mile in Breezy Hills.
    • Added a new backshield:
      • Corrupted Sun Backshield.
    • Added the following items to Event Bags:
      • Master Sword.
      • Hylian Shield.
      • Skull Staff.
      • Eagle Staff.
      • Snake Staff.
      • Sikuku's Saw Spear.
      • Sikuku's Spiked Spear.
      • Sikuku Death Spear.
      • Wood Axe.
      • Fearsome Axe.
      • Butcher Axe.
      • Gargoyle Scythe.
      • Tribal Staff.
      • Spell Staff.
      • Lead Mace.
      • Ancient Dagger.
      • Skull Bow Gun.
    • Added some new Achievements:
      • Event Bag.
      • Oro's Clan Fields.
      • Vanquished Oro Clan Field.
      • Corrupted Sun God Ra.
      • Broken Weapon Expert.
      • Bug Hunter.
      • Enormous Beetle.
      • Cerberus.
      • 2 Secret Achievements
    • Added (back) the in-game IRC Client:
      • /startirc - Connects to our IRC server!
      • /stopirc - Disconnects from our IRC server!
      • $message - Sends a message to our IRC server!
    • Added 29 new loading screens:
    • Added collision borders to Glacier Island.
    • Added correct item descriptions to some weapons (below) and their blue types:
      • Nail Hatchet.
      • Maiya Bow.
      • Ferrel Cannon.
      • Cypress Pole.
      • Twister Wand.
    • Added the following new items (their names may give a hint as to how they can be obtained):
      • Akram Kingdom Costume.
      • Beetle Shell (Back/Wing).
      • Raccoon Tail (Back/Wing).
      • Clown Cap (Cap).
      • Jar Shield (Shield).
    • Added the following new bosses:
      • Enormous Beetle - Breezy Hills.
      • Commander Rackie - El Verloon Dessert.
      • Rebellion Clown Leader - Forest of Wisdom.
      • Furious Goblin Jar - Goblin Caves.
      • Thorn Hound King - Mount Eruca.
    • Added descriptions to the Level 200 Masks.
    • Added new lightmaps for the following maps:
      • Akram Quest (all tiers).
      • Crusader Battlegrounds.
      • Eldeon Clan Field.
      • Sunshine Islands.
    • Added a new Racing system:
      • Last February, we announced that we were going to add a unique Racing system into the game where you could battle against other players; not by power or strength, but speed!
      • When the race starts, you must navigate your way through the checkpoints and speed your way to the finish line.
      • Once you've completed the race, your time will be saved and you'll be able to view the leaderboards to see where you stand!
      • We've currently only equipped Dolphin Island with these capabilities, but we will be releasing our brand new race track, "Cold Island", very soon!
      • Read below for extra details.
      • Note: We're currently decided whether to reset the leaderboards regularly (weekly / monthly) so that it always remains competitive.
    • Added the Deserted Island Event Map for the Survivor Event.
    • Added 4 new flames to the drop tables:
      • Orange Flame - King Hook and Nephentes.
      • Pink Flame - Sikuku Elite Slaughterer and Cursed Ant Vagabond.
      • Silver Flame - Silver monsters.
      • Golden Flame - Golden monsters.
    • Added a new Mounts system:
      • Players can now hop on the back of selected monsters.
      • In order to ride a monster, you must obtain the "Ride Mount" skill which can be obtained by completeing the "Learning To Tame" questline that can be started at [Livestock Farmer] Sicru in the City of Junon Polis.
      • The Ride Mount skill has 5 levels, each requiring Skill Points and Zulie.
      • Each mount requires a particular Ride Mount skill level. Roll over the mounts icon to the requirements!
      • The following mounts are available from today from the following NPCs:
        • [Livestock Farmer] Lampa - Canyon City of Zant:
          • Cow Mount
          • Choropy Mount
          • Spotted Choropy Mount
        • [Livestock Farmer] Sicru - City of Junon Polis:
          • Pomic Mount
          • Beetle Mount
          • Moldie Mount
        • [Animal Foster] Thonal - Freezing Plateau:
          • Mini Mammoth
          • Wolf
          • Shadow Wolf
          • Frozen Thorn
      • Some (secret) Mounts have been added to the game. These can be obtained by completeing new quests or dropped from selected Bosses.
      • Read below for extra details.
    • Added a new Lunar map, "Cerberus Lair".
    • Added a new Oro map, "Pyramid":
      • We'll be using this for an upcoming questline.
    • Added a new item classification for Random Item Bags.
    • Added a new achievement category, "Transportation".
    • Added the Summer Event 2012:
      • Building on the awesome Summer Event that we've created over the past 2 years, this year, we've simply added more rewards and more achievements!
      • We now have 70 rewards for you to pick from, so get collecting!
      • Sunshine Islands has also undergone a graphical improvement for this years event.
    • Added full support for timed items that can be sold by an NPC shop:
      • This means that we can now add items to an NPC shop that, for example, will last 7 days and then be automatically removed.
      • We've got some great ideas on how to utilise this (and the community has made various suggestions regarding it also) that we'll explore after this patch.
    • Edited the Behemoth King so that it looks like its old evil look.
    • Edited the Dreadnaught so that its look differs from the Dreadnaught King.
    • Edited the Basilisk Captain so that its look differs from the Basilisk.
    • Edited Fake Wormorg Eggs:
      • Players had previously thought that some of the Wormog Eggs were bugged. In fact, Fake Wormorg Eggs were added when the Instances were created.
      • These have now been renamed.
    • Edited the appearance of the Nymph Wings.
    • Edited the rewards of the 1st Job Quests:
      • All classes now receive 1 City of Junon Polis return scroll, their full Level 10 Armor set and two weapons that fit the role of their class.
    • Edited some objects in the Paradise of Ra so that it is now easier to walk on.
    • Edited the aggressiveness of Sabotens to attack any level players:
      • It was reported to us that these are often used by Zulie Sellers who simply run around and loot the drops. Not anymore, suckas!
    • Edited the icons of Ride Request and Ride Castle Gear.
    • Edited all major PvP maps to forbid the use of Carts.
    • Edited the stairs in Seth Shrine (B3) and Seth Shrine (B4) (Oro Instance maps) so that it is easier to walk up them.
    • Edited the drop tables of Hornets and Plunders in Xita Refuge.
    • Edited the drop tables of Tirwins in the Forgotten Temple (B2).
    • Edited our custom Item Bags feature so that it supports quantities for stackable items:
      • This means we can now include Item Bags which, for example, can give 10 Trainee Medals or 10 Oranges.
    • Edited the name of "Shark Head" to "Old Shark Head" due to a new Summer Event costume.
    • Edited the icons of all coloured Castle Gear items.
    • Edited the Skill dialog so that Basic skills that can be leveled up (e.g. Ride Mount) will now show their current level when the cursor rolls over the skill icon.
    • Edited the text strings of timed items.
    • Edited the stats of Torn Imp Wings:
      • They now give +155 m-speed and +15 Critical.
    • Edited the default screen parameters for the client:
      • We've removed the TriggerDetect configuration tool (see below), so now the client will default to a 1024 x 768 resolution in Window mode.
    • Extended the possible requirements that we can put onto items.
    • Fixed the name of the Castle Gear Drive skill book.
    • Fixed a bug where [Character Reset] Jess did not show dialog properly with Skill Reset Coupon.
    • Fixed the NPC dialogs of the Arua Point quests where it would state wrong amount of AruaPoints.
    • Fixed a crafting bug with Mystic Mask, Dusk Mask and Mask Of Sorrows.
      • The ability to dissemble these has been removed.
    • Fixed the Devil Pest Slag drop tables.
    • Fixed objects in Training Grounds which allowed players to walk through them.
    • Fixed a bug where a character may still have negative experience from an old bug that was previously fixed.
    • Fixed a bug where the Quick Bars would show Skill Name [Level: 0] for skills which wouldn't be leveled up (e.g. most Basic skills, such as Sit).
    • Fixed a bug where some quest rewards wouldn't work correctly on the client-side.
    • Fixed a bug where the Honey Bee Summon Pet used the wrong idle animation.
    • Fixed a bug where Clan mates weren't being assigned as allied in the Forgotten Temple (B2).
    • Fixed a bug that didn't allow you to receive the Torn Page for "The Hunt" quest line.
    • Fixed a bug where the Server Name would often not show the correct name (i.e. "AruaOnline").
    • Fixed a bug where the timer would be displayed on the Client even when leaving the race track.
    • Fixed a critical bug where logs may fail to save under some circumstances, which meant that no logs would be saved at all.
    • Removed the TriggerDetect game configuration tool:
      • Previously, the Client required this to set some initial configuration settings such as your resolution.
      • The Client also used the files it generated to manage certain settings in-game.
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    Racing System

    As we said, last February, we published our desire to create a unique racing system. Rather than releasing a half-assed attempt like others have done, we wanted start points, checkpoints, finish lines, checkpoint statuses, timers and leaderboards. Today, we're releasing this unique and fun racing system.

    When you start a race, a timer will be displayed in the centre of the client. The system area just above the chat area will keep you informed of your checkpoint status. Be sure to go through the centre of checkpoints - going around them won't count!


    When you cross the finish line, your finishing time will be displayed in the system area and it'll be recorded and published in the Racing Leaderboards.


    We'll be splitting the leaderboards up as we release new racing maps and we may regularly reset the leaderboards. We've also discussed about adding rewards for completing races, such as rewarding PAT Points which could be exchanged for unique cart accessories.
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    Monster Mounts

    This is something we've wanted to do for a while and we've spent the last few weeks finishing and tidying up the implementation for it. Mounts are a brand new transportation method to the world of R.O.S.E. Online. We've currently made around 20 mounts and we're making over half of those available to all players as of today.

    Much like Carts and Castle Gear, you are required to learn a new skill in order to hop on the back of your mounth: "Ride Mount". Ride Mount is a tiered skill that players can level up. We've made this skill require Skill Points and Zulie to level up so that it also acts as a small zulie sink and requires you to make the decision on whether to spend the Skill Points on this skill or a skill which helps with the build of your character.

    To start the quest, head to [Livestock Farmer] Sicru in the City of Junon Polis. He'll guide you through the requirements of the quest and how to complete it. The quest can be completed once per character, but the Ride Mount skill book is tradeable.


    All Mounts require a particular Ride Mount skill level in order to ride. So far, we've added mounts up to Ride Mount [Level: 2]. Junon planet mounts require Level 1 and Lunar planet mounts require Level 2 (can you see a theme in the levels?). Roll over the ( + ) icon to see the requirements.


    Once you've obtained the Ride Mount skill, you can head to one of the following NPCs to purchase Mounts:
    • [Livestock Farmer] Lampa - Canyon City of Zant
    • [Livestock Farmer] Sicru - City of Junon Polis
    • [Animal Foster] Thonal - Freezing Plateau
    Much like Carts and Castle Gear, Mounts also require a type of fuel. Your Mounts are poor monsters that you've tamed enough to be able to ride and keep, but they still need energy to run around with you on their backs all day. Mounts require Food, which can be purchased in Small, Medium or Large offerings from any of the Mount NPCs (above). The Food is displayed just below your character information bar in the top-left corner.


    Once the counter hits 0, you'll need to feed your mount in order to keep riding it, so head to your local Mount NPC and purchase some!

    From today, 11 Mounts are available through Mount NPC Shops and two have been added as a drop and as part of a new secret quest. Have fun, and don't scare too many Visitors away!

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    An update is about to be released. A critical bug which we are currently facing (due to the logs being asked to handle values higher than what they were originally designed for) has caused us to push this update out now in order to fix it.

    Below are the changes:
    • Fixed a bug where Clan mates weren't being assigned as allied in the Forgotten Temple (B2).
    • Fixed a bug that didn't allow you to receive the Torn Page for "The Hunt" quest line.
    • Fixed a bug where the Server Name would often not show the correct name (i.e. "AruaOnline").
    • Fixed a bug where the timer would be displayed on the Client even when leaving the race track.
    • Fixed a critical bug where logs may fail to save under some circumstances, which meant that no logs would be saved at all.

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