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    Patch Notes:
    • Added item refining option to [Ferrell Guild Staff] Kiroth in Junon Polis.
    • Added a Random Catfox Box into the Item Mall that can be purchased for 70 AruaPoints:
      • There are 10 Catfoxes available and each box will give you 1 random one that will last for 7 days. Each Catfox has its own set of bonuses.
      • For example, the Topaz Catfox gives a +5% Int bonus and the Black Opal Catfox gives +3% Con and +3% Sen.
    • Added 13 new Dance Scrolls to [Gypsy Jewel Seller]Bellia in Junon Polis:
      • Arm Wave.
      • Body Wave.
      • Street Jazz.
      • Vivid Mover.
      • Cheer.
      • Around.
      • The Gang.
      • Sexy Dance.
      • Side Step.
      • Stylize.
      • Stars Looking.
      • Step Around.
      • Zombie (Thriller).
    • Added a hidden quest line! Can you find where to start it?
    • Added Item Linking:
      • You can now "link" to an item by holding Shift + Left Click on an items icon. This will include a small piece of code into your chat bar.
      • Once sent, the chat area will show something similar to "S> Bamboo Spear, Shining Fingers" automatically. The colour of the items will follow the same rules as icons (i.e. Bamboo Spear will show as yellow text, Shining Fingers will show as purple text).
      • Once you roll over the item name in the chat, you (and other players) will be able to see the item tooltip for that item, showing all of its stats.
      • You can also click the item name and you will be taken straight to it's Armory page.
      • This can be used in normal chat, whispers, shouts, world shouts, PMs, chat rooms, etc.
    • Added URL Clicking:
      • You can now click on URLs in your chat area and your browser will take you right to that URL!
    • Added the Bebeg, Ice Spirit and Reindeer Pets (from the Christmas Event) to the Item Mall for 70 AruaPoints.
    • Added the ability to create new item prefixes incredibly easy. The following item types can also now be given item prefixes:
      • Consumables.
      • Gems.
      • Jewelery.
      • PAT.
      • Pets.
    • Added a new tier of weapons which are craftable:
      • They have red name and prefixed as Cursed. They have positive and negative stats to make it more dynamic, however, they do not posses more Attack Power than their Level 218 Blue versions.
      • They are dark/reinforced versions of 212 weapons tier, so their requirements are similar except they require Level 215.
    • Added a new Gift Box system:
      • Every hour, you stand a random chance (the chance is equal for all levels) of receiving a free Gift Box.
      • This Gift Box contains many items from the Item Mall, including those found in the Item Mall Legacy Box items and many more items found in-game.
      • This is simply a fun feature that will reward you for the time you spend in the game.
    • Added a quick-reply feature to whispers:
      • You can now use "/r your reply here" to quickly reply to the last person who whispered you.
    • Added a new Skill icon colouring system:
      • Now, if you don't have the required Mana/MP to execute a skill, the icon of the skill will appear red.
    • Added Friends List statuses:
      • A feature we previously added in IROSE, you can now set a status that other friends will see. You can choose the following statuses:
        • Online.
        • Away.
        • Busy.
        • Vending.
        • Offline.
    • Disabled the bonuses of Pets in PvP maps.
    • Edited the mechanics of the Auto Drop Pick Up pets:
      • Before, they wouldn't pick up certain types of drops (players noticed this in Oro maps). They will now attempt to pick up any drops which are yours and >not< free-for-all (i.e. anyone can pick it up) of all types.
    • Edited the Coloured Winter costume icons so that they match the model.
    • Edited the icons of Dance scrolls so that they now they have letters in them for easier identification.
    • Edited your own Personal Shop:
      • You can now see the total amount and fee that the players have to pay, just as if you were looking at another players shop.
      • Remember that the Vending Fee is now variable depending on which planet you vend at. AruaROSE v881 explains the percentages.
    • Edited the Broken Ancient weapons icon and colour name:
      • They now have a Gray prefix colour.
      • They will turn into Unique weapons once repaired.
    • Edited the drop rate of the Megaton Launcher:
      • It was changed from using the drop tables to using the AI.
    • Edited texture on Level 218 weapons (Blue versions of Level 212 weapons) with a small recolour in them to make them look different and make it easier to recognize.
    • Edited the following Mounts so that they are tradeable (as they can be purchased from [Animal Foster] Tinesse in Xita Refuge):
      • Pincer Mount
      • Nepenthes Mount
      • Tigris Mount
      • Pantharis Mount
    • Fixed the gem position of Candy Shield and snowboard equipment.
    • Fixed rewarding of certain items in Christmas Event.
    • Fixed level requirements on Oro and Eldeon Planetary scrolls.
    • Fixed the achievements "Ice Spirit Pet", "Reindeer Pet", "Bebeg Pet" and "Bone Spider Pet" awarding properly.
    • Fixed Christmas bag giving null (white box) items.
      • The current blank items players have in their inventories have been converted into Blue Candy Cane consumables.
    • Fixed a bug in Episode Quest which prevented you from progressing past the 'Mysterious Emblem' part.
    • Fixed a bug that caused a map to freeze when an AOE skill was used.
    • Fixed the Black Rabbit Hairband which used the texture file of Pumpkin Hat.
    • Fixed a bug where the spawning of Pets would ultimately crash the server due to them being incorrectly created/destroyed under some circumstances:
      • This was the cause of the server crashes after 3 - 6 hours. It took a while, but we tracked down the route cause and it is now fixed, therefore Pets are fully enabled once again!
    • Increased the expiration time of the Item Mall Pets from 3 Days to 7 Days:
      • Players who activated the pet before this change will still have the older expiration time of 3 Days. This is because the expiration date of the pets is determined and stored when you active the pet.
    • Opened Forsaken Village of Menes:
      • You can access this new map via the Oro Clan Fields.
    • Removed Christmas Event 2012:
      • The Iced weapons are still craftable until next patch, so, you can still use your Magic Snow!
    • Removed the Zombie Invasion from the City of Junon Polis:
      • In our continued investigations into the cause of "lag" that some players experience in maps like the City of Junon Polis, we've removed the Zombies from this map to see if this is the cause (as they are constantly spawning/dying even when the Zombie Invasion isn't active).
    Extra Notes:

    The way that text is displayed in-game has changed. It has been tested by a few players, but what we aren't able to test is how it is for players whose computer language is set to an Asian language with many symbols. If you have problems writing / reading the text in-game in an Asian language from this patch, please let us know straight away.
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    Item Linking

    Perhaps one of the most useful features added for those who want to Buy or Sell items is Item Linking. Item Linking allows you to show your item to another player without having to spend a while explaining every last detail and stats of the item.

    To link to an item, simply hold Shift + Left Click the icon of the item. It'll insert a little bit of code into the chat area which will be turned into the item once it's sent. Once sent, your item name will be shown in the chat area. The colour used for the item will depend on the type of item (i.e. Unique items will appear Purple).


    Once you roll over the item name, you'll see the tooltip of information for that item.


    We've also added the ability to click URLs in-game. Clicking them will now open up the webpage.


    If a player has linked to an item in chat, you can also click that item name and it'll open up the Armory page so you can find out more information about that item.

    As a forewarning, if your client isn't correctly updated, then you will not see any items that players link to, nor will you be able to visit URLs directly in-game.

    Happy linking!
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