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    • Added a new loading screen to the Luna Clan Fields:
      • Thanks to Rabid Chicken for this new loading screen. He also created the ones we added in the previous patch!
    • Added more checks to the Item Linking feature to help prevent a client crash.
    • Disabled the spawning of Pets in PvP maps:
      • The bonuses do not apply in PvP maps, therefore it is a waste of resources to show them in these areas too.
    • Edited the colour of World Shouts.
    • Fixed a bug where server notices sent to you would be saved as the last person to whisper you.
    • Fixed a bug with some Skill damage calculations.
    • Removed the "player has declined your request" message when a player rejects your friend request.

    Just a small patch to address the Skill damage calculations and a few small changes as well.

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