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    Patch Notes:
    • Added Cave of the Dead:
      • Recommended level: 160-185. Players above level 185 are unable to enter.
      • The cave is located to the north of Desert of the Dead.
      • This zone is PvP, so gear your characters the best to defend yourself!
      • The Cave may have a hidden surprise.
      • Added Dominant Symbols (new back items):
        • Dominant Blue Symbol.
        • Dominant Yellow Symbol.
      • Added Twisted Jewelry which can be crafted:
        • This set has a small base stat on each piece, but using all three items at the same time will grant additional bonuses.
      • Added two new Armbraces which can be crafted:
        • Moon's Presence.
        • Crest of Delusion.
    • Added a direct link to the Armory when clicking an item which has been pasted to the chat.
    • Added the ability to click a players name in the chat window to whisper them.
    • Added additional debuff messages when you are either debuffed or debuff another player.
    • Added the duration to the debuff, fainted and sleep messages.
    • Added 'Distance' to the tooltips of damage Skills that were missing it.
    • Added a 'Lock Equipment' button to the Inventory:
      • Preview:
      • You can now lock your equipment so that it cannot be changed whilst locked.
      • If your Inventory is locked, a message will be shown in your chat area when you attempt to equip or unequip an item.
      • Locking your Inventory applies to Equipment, PAT and Pet items.
    • Added 22 new items to the Valentines Box.
    • Added 18 new items to the Item Mall which include Seasonal items.
    • Added confirmation boxes and the option to preview the "Season of Love" rewards to "[Event Info] Felice Fete".
    • Added Queen monsters that will only spawn during the "Season of Love" event:
      • Jelly Queen (Adventurer's Plains)
      • Woopie Queen (Canyon City of Zant)
      • Rackie Queen (Breezy Hills)
      • Mama Moldie (City of Junon Polis)
      • Krawfy Queen (Kenji Beach)
    • Added a visual message to players when you try to use some items and your clients data is out of date.
    • Added the ability to Preview linked items in chat:
      • Supported items will show [ALT+Click to Preview] on the tooltip as normal.
    • Edited Junon's Union War:
      • Cleric balancing has been enabled. As with other Game Arenas, Cleric skills will be restricted if either team has no Cleric.
      • Defenders reward has been increased from a minmum of 20 to 30 Union Points.
    • Edited Skills:
      • Hawker: Increased the casting speed of "Eagle Shot" and "Binding/Shackle Arrow" by 50%; making them quicker to fire.
      • Scout: Increased the range of "Shackle Arrow (Lv:10)".
    • Edited Consumables to automatically target yourself, like Skills, if no target is selected.
    • Edited the following capsule monsters so that they cannot be summoned in PvP maps:
      • Christmas Tree
      • Halloween Tree
      • Sandcastle
    • Edited the Item Mall restrictions so that you cannot send a purchase to another player if you only have Limited Access.
      • Note: Limited Access are still free to buy from the Item Mall.
    • Edited the order of Backshields, Bags and Wings in the Crafting window:
      • Items are now ordered based on their level requirement.
    • - Edited the Desert of the Dead:
      • If you die in PvP, you will now only have the option to respawn in Amina Lake.
      • If you die in PvE, normal spawn options will be allowed.
      • A 10s dumb will be applied to players who die in PvP.
    • Edited the "Season of Love" quest to reward an additional reward of 2 Valentines Boxes.
    • Edited the Bought and Sold messages to show the stat of the item.
    • Fixed a bug where the 'Remember Account Name' checkbox on the Login screen didn't function as expected.
    • Fixed a bug where the Item Mall didn't give the correct quantity of items if buying an item which gave more than one.
    • Fixed a bug where the Item Mall didn't correctly calcuate the required AruaPoints required.
    • Fixed a bug where your AruaPoints wouldn't update until you re-logged into the game.
    • Fixed a bug with the Duel system where you were able to drag in some items you weren't meant to:
      • This was a visual bug on the players screen who dragged the item in. The items were not exchanged once the Duel had ended.
    • Fixed a bug where you would be disconnected whilst trying to interact with the Storage if it was disabled.
    • Fixed not being able to start the "Goblin Cave Expedition" quest.
    • Fixed incorrect skill animations when using a Crossbow with certain Hawker Skills.
    • Fixed a bug where the weapon attacking trail wouldn't be correctly removed under some circumstances.
    • Fixed position of the casting visual effect on the "Scout Shot" Skill.
    • Fixed a bug where some 'New' items wouldn't be shown in the Item Mall's 'New' sidebar.
    • Fixed a bug when previewing Shields with various Two-Handed weapons.
    • Fixed a bug where you sometimes couldn't preview a One-Handed weapon with a Shield.
    • Fixed incorrect unlock conditions for some Valentine Event achievements.
    • Fixed a bug where you could be kicked from the Oro Instance and rejoin.
    • Fixed a bug where the Drop and Zulie rates were 100% rather than 50% during Weekend Madness. Thanks Simon! #everyonehatessimon
    • Fixed "Accessory Craft" not being displayed on the Dealer skill tree.
    • Reduced the price of Pet Skins from the Item Mall from 50 to 20 AruaPoints.
    • Reduced the material cost of the "Season of Love" rewards from "[Event Info] Felice Fete".

    Valentines Event

    The Season of Love has been enabled!

    Captcha System

    This wasn't announced when it was added as we wanted to quietly cause disruption to those who make use of "bots" whilst not at the computer. We're clamping down on this even more now, so we want to make you aware of the changes.

    If you're believed to be "botting", the game server will request that you enter a series of random numbers to identify that you are still there periodically. If you enter an invalid sequence of numbers, or don't enter anything at all, a mark will be placed against your account.

    If your account gathers enough markers against it, your account will be automatically banned for a period of 1 week.

    We'll continue to monitor the effectiveness of this system.

    We seem to have lost AruaROSE v949 along the way due to releasing smaller patches.
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