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    Patch Notes:
    • Added leaderboards for the "Cold Island" and "Dolphin Island" racing tracks:
      • We've overhauled our racing system and now includes a leaderboard! See below for further changes relating to our racing system.
      • Players can race one another, at any time, in three race modes:
        • Foot
        • Carts
        • Mounts
      • Your fastest time for each mode will be displayed in the leaderboards.
      • You can view the leaderboards by speaking to the Racing NPCs on each map.
      • We'll be rewarding players who top the leaderboards periodically with unique prizes.
    • Added "Gold Catfox Pet" to the Reborn shop.
    • Added 4 new dances to the /dance command.
    • Added a firework effect to players when they receive a Giftbox.
    • Added "Glacier Island" and "Cold Island" options to the Lunar Field Warp.
    • Added "Captain's Jacket", "Green Faerie Wing", "Persian Blue Kimono" and "White Seeker's Cloak" to the Item Mall.
    • Added a confirmation when opening certain Bags/Boxes/Chests to stop players 'accidentally' opening them.
    • Decreased the cost of essential goods, such as food and potions, by 25%.
    • Edited "Spiritual Water" potions to use a separate cooldown to "Vital Water" potions.
    • Edited Pets so that they will now respawn next to you if you become a great distance away from them.
    • Edited the "Cold Island" and "Dolphin Island" racing tracks:
      • Added option to travel between the racing tracks.
      • Added visual effects on the player's client when they successfully complete a lap or pass through checkpoints.
      • Added screen text notifications.
      • Disabled Castle Gears, Fuel Consumption, Pets, Ride Request, Summon and Vending skills on the racing tracks.
      • Disabled the Drive Cart and Ride Mount skills during a lap.
      • Fixed an issue that could cause checkpoints to not be counted.
      • Fixed collision issues with the checkpoints where players could get stuck on them.
      • Fixed players floating when going through a checkpoint.
      • Fixed the lap timer not stopping after completing a lap.
      • Players will now fail their lap at the end if they've missed a checkpoint.
      • Players will now forfeit their lap if they go backwards from the start checkpoint.
    • Edited the Bought and Sold messages whilst Vending:
      • It will now allow you to hover over the item sold to see it's full tooltip.
    • Edited the Market Place so that you can navigate pages using the left and right arrow keys.
    • Edited the Cleric balancing mechanics for Game Arenas:
      • When active, Normal and Advanced scrolls will now be blocked. Weak scrolls remain usable as they can be purchased from the NPCs within any Game Arena.
    • Edited the reward for completing the "Sicru's Escaped Chickens" quest.
    • Edited [Dungeon Guide] Tondro at Memphis:
      • Entering the tombs has been made quicker. If you meet all the requirements you won't have to answer Tondro's questions.
      • Tondro will now clearly inform you if you fail to meet one of the requirements to enter.
    • Edited Adventurer's Plains:
      • Arua's Fairy will now appear and guide new players towards the Episode Quest if they leave the town without starting it.
      • Removed the Adventurer's Plains Quest Board.
    • Edited the NPCs at Memphis:
      • Added option to repair and upgrade items at Ekblovo.
      • Added option to open storage at Ventego.
      • Crafting the different types of armor is now handled solely by Ekblovo.
    • Edited the broken bridge at Ptah's Rift of Souls:
      • Edited the appearance of the bridge warp.
      • Paying for the warp will now open one for nearby party members.
      • Players can no longer see or steal and use up warps paid for by others.
    • Edited the "Red Box" consumable:
      • It has been converted to the "Item Bag" system and its contents can now be previewed.
      • The 3 weapons rewarded from the Red Box will now be slotted.
    • Edited the unlock conditions of the "Sicru's Livestock" achievement:
      • Chicken Capsules no longer count towards this achievement.
    • Fixed the rotation of players and vending shops when coming into view of them.
    • Fixed the critical visual effect not showing when a critical hit landed.
    • Fixed characters not performing the hit animation when damaged by a critical hit.
    • Fixed a bug where players on the backseat of a Cart or Mount would appear to not be on the seat when coming into view of them.
    • Fixed the bolded base stats on Left Handed Glaives not actually affecting the user's stats.
    • Fixed a bug which caused Left Handed Glaives to increase the user's dodge rate.
    • Fixed user's weapon attack range and attack speed being based off their equipped Costume weapon.
    • Fixed a bug where you weren't able to view vending shops whilst in a Cart, Castle Gear or Mount.
    • Fixed a bug where expired items wouldn't be automatically removed if Vending and they were on your sell list.
    • Fixed a client crash relating to Carts.
    • Fixed the position of the cannon shells firing out of the "Battle Launcher" and "Cannon Arms" PAT weapons.
    • Fixed the attack animation and bullet of the "Battle Machine Gun" PAT weapon.
    • Fixed missing warning messages when attempting to use the Cart Ride request via the Player Menu.
    • Fixed a bug when selecting a character that made you disconnect once in-game.
    • Fixed a string error with the Item Mall when purchasing more items than supported.
    • Fixed the level 10 and level 70 tutorial notifications re-showing if you switched characters.
    • Fixed the item preview hiding the weapon after previewing an Armbrace.
    • Fixed the item preview hiding the Armbrace after previewing a Two-Handed weapon.
    • Fixed "Magic Resistance" being referenced as "M-Def" in a few cases.
    • Fixed quest tracking text error with the "Create The Necklace" quest.
    • Fixed chickens located at Sicru's farm counting towards the "Sicru's Escaped Chickens" quest.
    • Fixed a bug where the /sort command didn't work for your PAT inventory.
    • Fixed errors with Memphis environmental effects such as floating water and misplaced fire.
    • Fixed incorrect NPC and Map names mentioned during the "A Livestock Farmer" quest.
    • Fixed a bug where you could start the "Union Devotion" quest without being in a Union.
    • Fixed bugged normal level 104 armor parts that dropped:
      • These bugged parts couldn't be disassembled and were set to level 106.
    • Fixed the "Red Box" consumable having a very rare chance to reward nothing.
    • Fixed the "A Livestock Farmer" quest being incomplete.
    • Fixed visual errors with "[Righteous Crusader] Gawain" at the "City of Junon Polis".
    • Fixed the name and model of "[Wandering Rifter] Nimbo" at "Ptah's Rift of Souls".
    • Fixed "Moldie Pharoah" having a very high chance to switch its target to a player with a higher dodge rate.
    • Fixed "Fiery Warbiz" at the "Sikuku Ruins" being able to summon an uncapped amount of "Warbiz Protectors".
    • Fixed the "Sacred Flames of the Sikuku Tribe" being able to be taunted.
    • Fixed "Elec Ghosts" at "Mount Eruca" being able to spawn ghost seeds and not having a chance to die during the daytime.
    • Fixed the "Adventurer's Plains" passenger ship destination.
    • Fixed the respawn location at Dolphin Island spawning players inside a fence.
    • Fixed a visual glitch where players would appear to fall through the Field Warp platforms.
    • Fixed the appearance of the "Bone Spider" monster at the "Sikuku Ruins".
    • Fixed "Guardian Tree" monster dropping "Jaguar Gloves".
    • Fixed the level 2 tutorial notification being an image instead of a text box.
    • Fixed the message shown when changing your clan mark.
    • Increased the radius in which Auto Pick-Up accessories can pick up drops.
    • Increased the speed of the Pick Up animation.
    • Reduced the fuel consumption and range of the "Battle Machine Gun" PAT weapon.
    • Reduced the level requirement of the "Drive Castle Gear" skill to level 70.
    • Removed "[Glacier Island] Erp" and "[Racer] Tugnus" from the "Magic City of the Eucar".
    • Removed the leaderboards for the Crusader Battlegrounds Game Arena.
    • Renamed the "Arua Redfield" set to "Redfield Blue".
    • Renamed the Item Mall "Fairy Wings" to "Faerie Wings".
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