Happy Birthday, Arua: 10 Years Old

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    10 years ago, on the 24th April 2007, we opened our doors.

    You probably don't know this, but Arua was first created as a "fun" server in early 2007 for myself and friends I had met over the years of playing ROSE Online since late 2003. Fortunately, an online venture I had owned since 2004 allowed me to easily set up a server on existing infrastructure without asking for monetary help.

    Collectively, we grew tired at the only existing ROSE Online server at that time, Ruff. My friends saw the potential for a new server which could be catapulted into the top spot easily given the experience we had in development. Given my close ties with ROSE Online since I first fell in love with it in late 2003, it was a no brainer and the wheels were put into motion to bring online Arua as we know today. On the 12th April 2007, we agreed on the name: AruaROSE.

    Word quickly spread and the original target we had of 50 players was (very) quickly passed and we had several hundred registrations before the game servers even came online. On the 24th April, the doors to Destiny were opened.

    I remember receiving a lot of feedback in the first few months. In particular, one topic kept coming up: a high rate server. There was a lot of displeasure across the ROSE Online community at that time with some official servers closing and issues on the only two existing servers at that time, so some players wanted an easier ride to enjoy the game. We have always wanted to cater for all types of players, so on the 18th July 2007, we opened our doors to Hebarn, the first high rate ROSE Online server. Based on further feedback, on the 7th February 2008, we then opened our doors to Classic, the first base rate ROSE Online server.

    The years which followed were incredible to be a part of. We very quickly became the most populated server in 2007 and had over 3,000 players online at our peak across all servers in 2009 - a feat no server had achieved or ever will achieve.

    By 2010, we had released over 60 updates to the game client and one thing started to become apparent: trying to develop for 3 different game servers with vastly different game rates was impossible. For example, setting the price of an item would be too expensive for Classic, just right for Destiny but too cheap for Hebarn. In October 2010, we made the unprecedented decision to merge all 3 servers into the single server we have today.

    2010 was a particularly interesting time for ROSE Online. The development community had made significant advances in adding new features to the game client which had previously not been possible. At this time, I was assisting a licensee of Gravity to help develop their ROSE Online server and was given development rights and a unique opportunity to help secure the future of Arua. In early 2010, we started publicly talking about what the future may hold and what paths we may take. This really was the turning point for Arua and I believe is the only reason we are still here today.

    After almost 2 years in the making, on the 19th January 2012, we released what was given the codename AruaOnline. This release allowed us to significantly increase development across all areas, make all other ROSE Online servers insignificant and start competing with the big fish.

    Since then, we have added some incredible features - I wouldn't know where to begin if we had to list them all - and I'm really proud of what we've achieved. Not only features, but we have fixed hundreds of bugs which were in the game since it's creation. Without any doubt, we have created the most polished, feature rich and performing ROSE Online game client to have, and will, ever exist. Furthermore, we are the only ROSE Online server which has been online for over 10 years and had continued development throughout. I know I've personally been here almost every single day since we opened - that includes walking around Rome on holiday whilst trying to fix a server crash on my mobile phone. That was fun.

    Looking wider than ROSE Online, I do believe that we must now be part of an exclusive club. Does anyone know of any other game server which has been online continually for over 10 years? I've looked around other games such as World of Warcraft and Ragnarok but was unable to find any.

    Collectively, we have created something truly amazing over the years which I believe can be reflected in our stats:
    • Game Updates: 200+
    • Accounts: 875,000+
    • Characters: 1,000,000+
    • Clans: 50,000+
    I do truly believe that if it wasn't for the dedication of our staff, ROSE Online as a whole would have had faster demise many years ago. We have long surpassed the development of any ROSE Online server and there is strong evidence that there is a bleak future ahead for some. We are in a unique position whereby we can cater for the nostalgia and new simultaneously so we are still able to draw in new players who have never experienced ROSE Online, so our future is looking great.

    Moving towards more personal reflections, the skills that all of our staff have acquired whilst working with us has helped develop all of our futures. Many of us went from being teenagers in our bedrooms to going to College or University, getting higher qualifications or degrees and have now developed careers in our respected fields.

    I'd like to take some time to recognise the efforts put in by various parties.

    I would like to personally thank any staff or player who have helped us in any way in the past. You all helped strengthen our foundations and are part of the reason we are still here today.

    I would also like to recognise the work which Ruff, SevenHearts and Titan did during their respective times. Having competition is important: it drives you forward to try harder and push the boundaries. Each of these were groundbreaking in their own ways, contributed to the longevity of ROSE Online and forced us to go that extra mile. Although there is no competition to us today, the expectations we have in our own development are as high as they are because of these 3 ROSE Online servers.

    Special recognition should be given to both @Razor and @DL Zandorf Ramash. We make an incredible development team and we have achieved some amazing feats over the past few years. We may sometimes disagree but we always come to better solutions. We have some big plans in the works and hope all players will continue to support us.

    The Internet truly is an amazing tool that allows people to connect with each other from all over the world and some staff have known one another for much longer than the 10 years Arua has been online. I would like to give a special shout out to both @Dank_Master and @Sir_Kane. These guys have been key to the growth of Arua in both support and development. I have personally known @Dank_Master since early 2004 and @Sir_Kane since 2002. Both were with Arua from the start.

    Finally, a personal thank you from me. As a teenager, I had the dream of creating online gaming communities, something I did successfully for many years for other online games long before Arua. When we saw the opportunity for a large ROSE Online community, never did I imagine it would still be online 10 years later. You have helped shape our futures.

    We hope you continue to provide us with the love and support you've given over the years. We will keep providing you with the dedication and quality we've become known for and look forward to pushing out all of the amazing ideas we have. We are one family.


    Thank you!
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