❀ Earth Day Event ❀


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Greetings Visitors,

Earth day is approaching, and just as the goddess loves all of us, it's important for us to love the planet. So on this precious day we have an earth inspired event, and the prizes reflect that.

  • The Links will be posted and an announcement in-game will be made shortly before. Keep checking! WILL BE POSTED ON THIS THREAD ON 4/22
  • Take a screenshot of your entire desktop, including everything that follows in this example: (example), More info on the event will be posted down below.
  • Use the character you wish to win on, and include it in the email.
  • Submit the screenshot to [email protected] with the subject: Earth Day Event Round 1 or 2
  • You may not win in the same event twice, so if you won in round one, you may not participate in round two.
  • Quickest to submit with the correct answer & the criteria needed are the winner(s).
  • Do only send 1 email, if you fail on doing that tho you can contact the Event Member that is holding the event, in this case [EVENT]Pumpkin on MrPumpkins discord profile, You will find staff on the top right corner. If you contact MrPumpkin in this case, the placement that will count for your part will be on the Last e-mail that you sent in. (note that you will only get 1 extra chance to send in an extra email, otherwise it's counted as disqualification)
  • Rules that applies on this event is also in this LINK make sure you read up properly.
Round 1 will start at 11:30 AM GMT +0
Round 2 will start at 11:30 PM GMT +0

Click HERE to find out what times these rounds are for you!

How this Copy the Inventory Event will work, FAQ:
  • You will need to take 2 Screenshots and send them to us at: [email protected] which includes 1 with the "Equip" Page & 1 with the "Material" Page.
  • The Pictures that will be uploaded for this event needs to be IDENTICAL on the ones that you need to send in, The items need to be in the exact order in your inventory pages as the ones that will be uploaded for you to copy.
  • You'll need to have the exact same equips/materials & The exact amount in your inventories that is on the pictures and copy them.
  • You'll need to wear the exact same Equipments that is on the pictures and copy them.
  • You'll need to have the exact amount of Zulies as on the pictures and copy them.
  • You'll need to have the exact same Weight on your character as on the pictures and copy them (not the maximum weight, just the current weight). if it doesn't match up you can always fill your "consume" page in your inventory untill the wheight is as it should be.
  • You'll need to show EVERYTHING as on the example on the [Rules] Section above, (desktop background, time, character name, etc.) All which is in the blue/turqoise color you'll need to have included in the screenshots which you'll send to us.
  • Send 2 screenshots only in ONE mail.

Flower Fairy Set (which is: Hat,Shoes,Chest) & Small Golem Bag.

flower fairy set.jpg
Small golem.png

  • 1st place: Flower Fairy Set + Small Golem Bag & 15 Event Points.
  • 2nd place: Small Golem Bag & 10 Event Points.
  • 3rd place: Small Golem Bag + 6 Event Points.
*Disclaimer: rules may be changed during the course of the event due to unforeseen actions, we hold the right to do so without warning, always keep up with the thread for current rules, at any time during this or any other event we hold the right to disqualify you, this decision is final. Be respectful to all players and staff participating/hosting, follow all of the rules and most importantly have fun!*


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2nd round winners!

1st place: xCormag
2nd place: Eiseihei
3rd place: Touko

Consolation prizes with 1 legacy event bag: TwinkleTits & Libellule!


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All prizes have been given out, thanks again for participating & congratulations to the winners!