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    Patch Notes:
    • Changed Twisted Jewelry set stat to 4%.
    • Edited the Pet timer checker so that it checks the Inventory rather than just the equipped Pet items.
    • Edited the voting process:
      • Read below for the changes.
    • Edited the icons of the "Endure" and "Fire Burn" skills.
    • Edited the Skill Tree:
      • Preview:
      • You can now learn new skills directly from the skill tree by either clicking on its icon or the [+] next to it.
      • Clicking on a skill which is learnt by upgrading another will inform you which skill you need to learn and to what level (e.g. Clicking 'Freezing Bolt' will show 'You must upgrade Ice Bolt to Level 6 to learn this skill.' if it is currently not learnt).
      • Skill Books will remain in-game and will no longer cost Zulie.
      • All references to Skill Books have been removed as we will be promoting the Skill Tree as the way to learn new skills.
    • Fixed a bug where some item expire messages didn't correctly show which item was removed.
    • Fixed a bug where items with expire times placed into Storage wouldn't expire until they were removed from it.
      • Thanks to samii on Discord for reminding me about this.
    • Fixed a bug where items with expire times placed into a Duel had their timers removed once deposited to the winner:
      • Thanks to a player* on Discord for reporting this to us as part of our Bug Bounty program and received a reward for doing so.
    • Fixed "Hook Guardian" applying a 0 second debuff to players.
    • Fixed a rare client crash which occurred whilst loading client data.
    • Fixed a bug which may prevent characters which haven't logged in since 2012 from logging in.
    • Fixed "Glaive Mastery" not being on the Hawker Skill Tree.
    • Fixed a bug where you weren't able to see the tool tip of a linked item in chat in Private Message or a Chat Room.
    • Fixed several visual and layout errors with Skill Trees.
    • Players who haven't logged in since 2012 may sometimes find an invalid item on their character. These are now automatically removed.

    The Easter Event will be enabled on Wednesday 12th April!

    * Bugs reported through our Bug Bounty program can be credited anonymously or to you directly. The reward you receive, if any, is dependent upon the severity of the bug being reported.

    Voting Process

    As you know, you're able to vote for our game using the vote buttons and in-game. Voting is a free and easy way for players to help promote the game - we ask players do this every 12 hours and give you a small reward for your time. Unfortunately, more players and choosing to receive the reward instead of actually voting.

    The statistics from April 1st to April 3rd, for example, show that just under 1,500 players clicked through the in-game Voting dialog, but only 50 votes were registered on the voting websites - a conversion rate of around 3%. Although some voting websites only allow you to vote once every 12 or 24 hours, I would expect this to be higher on our end.

    From today's update, you will now only receive your reward once we have received confirmation from the voting websites that you have successfully voted. Voting websites may have their own rules regarding how many times you can vote in a time period - this is out of our control. Those who did vote will see no changes other than a small delay in receiving your reward.

    We will check for outstanding deposits every 1 - 5 minutes, but you will not receive a notification when your reward is deposited, so it may go unnoticed. We will not be providing support to those who vote and don't receive their reward - this process is entirely automated and we are no longer involved in the depositing of the rewards.

    Please make a post in the feedback topic if you need clarification of these changes.


    Some players are reporting that they are no longer receiving their reward for voting. Remember, this it out of our hands - we have no control over the voting websites - it is up to them to confirm you have voted and report back to our systems using an automated process.

    We have now changed the depositing of rewards so that rather than waiting for all voting sites to confirm your vote, you will now be deposited part of the overall reward after voting on each website.
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