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    Patch Notes:
    • Added "God Ra's Cape" to the "Lost Treasure Chest of Ra".
    • Added support for animated items.
    • Added "Animated" category to the Item Mall (found under Specials > Animated):
      • This category features new items that use animations and particle effects.
    • Added particle effects to the following items:
      • Autumn Pixie Wing.
      • Gadget Pack.
      • Spring Pixie Wing.
      • Summer Pixie Wing.
      • Winter Pixie Wing.
    • Added new clothing items and a mount to the Item Mall.
    • Added a new idle animation for females when holding an Umbrella weapon.
    • Added a hairstyle option (38) that had previously been removed.
    • Added option to open the Marketplace from "[Ferrell Guild Banker] Sirro" at the "Ramesses Mines".
    • Disabled Pet bonuses whilst in a Duel.
    • Edited the Duel system:
      • Skills which were previously blocked due to the increasing effect of HP or MP (e.g. Blood Attack) can now be used to deal damage, but the increasing effect of HP or MP will not be applied.
      • Note: This change has no effect on skills like Cure which can be cast on yourself providing that the "No Potions" rule isn't enabled.
    • Edited offline vending:
      • Player shops in offline mode will now stay online for a maximum of 3 days in maps where the vending limit has been reached.
    • Edited the "Bat" and "Dracula" capes to be animated.
    • Edited the ignore list so that they can no longer send you offline mail.
    • Edited all "Area Effect Attack" skills to require an enemy target to use.
    • Edited Memphis:
      • Moved the spawn positions of the northeast Moldies slightly.
      • Removed "[Wandering Rifter] Nimbo".
    • Edited the "Fearful Allurer" and "Silent Allurer" summon capsules:
      • Both summons are no longer guaranteed to perform a skill after moving towards their target.
      • Both summons now have a limit to the amount of skills that they can perform over a short time.
      • Increased their required summon amount from 35 to 50.
      • Reduced their attack speed and defense power.
      • Reduced the success and execution rate of all their skills.
    • Edited the "Fearful Allurer" summon capsule:
      • Reduced the status duration of all its debuff skills.
    • Edited the "Silent Allurer" summon capsule:
      • Reduced the heal amount and range of its Healing skill.
      • Reduced the range of its Purify skill.
      • Removed its 20m AOE Sleep skill.
    • Edited the "Twist Attack" skill:
      • Reduced the duration and success rate of the "Critical Down" status.
    • Edited episode quest "Eva the Sorcerer":
      • Added a sequence where the player uses and looks through the Owl Eye with Eva.
    • Edited episode quest "The Scheme":
      • Added a new appearance and name for the monster featured in this quest.
      • The monster now requires a minimum of 10 hits to be defeated.
    • Edited episode quests "Monsters in the Desert", "Skin of Steel" and "Leaders in the Abyss":
      • These quests no longer require the player to be in a party to complete.
    • Edited the mini-map to display the names of highlighted NPCs above the mouse cursor.
    • Edited and improved the NPC conversation text of several episode quests.
    • Edited the tooltip of Item Mall mounts to display that the Mounts require the Ride Mount skill to use.
    • Edited the icons of several event items.
    • Edited the position of the character selection window.
    • Edited the player model on character selection and item preview to use the equipped weapon's idle stance.
    • Edited the lighting of Adventurer's Plains to be brighter and slightly more colourful:
      • We've also fixed objects on the map that had odd lighting.
    • Fixed a bug that caused certain back items to only have their refine glow on one side.
    • Fixed a bug with the Respawn window which could cause the game client to close.
    • Fixed a bug with the Appearance changer where your new appearance would not update correctly to nearby players.
    • Fixed a bug which would cause your character to run to a bad position when using a skill on a monster as it was about to die.
    • Fixed a visual bug where your character could appear to run away when they were performing a skill.
    • Fixed a bug that could prevent you from equipping or unequipping PAT items.
    • Fixed a bug with the "Twist Attack" skill that made it decrease the victim's critical more than the intended 25%.
    • Fixed the game client's aspect ratio not updating correctly after changing resolution via the Options window.
    • Fixed a bug where you could still see the chat of ignored players on the alliance tab.
    • Fixed a bug where the item quantity wouldn't show for Consumables and Gems bought or sold from vending stores.
    • Fixed a bug where bought messages never showed the stat of an item you purchased from vending stores.
    • Fixed missing error message when attempting to use "Blood Attack" or "Feast" skills on invalid targets.
    • Fixed a bug where Pets wouldn't show in underground maps.
    • Fixed a bug where NPC portraits could disappear when talking to a NPC.
    • Fixed a client crash which randomly occured when loading NPC data.
    • Fixed a bug where the Events window would show the Date incorrectly for some events on the tooltip.
    • Fixed weapon effects being hidden after using the appearance changer.
    • Fixed a bug at Geb Desert where dead players were able to move after the Super Aleksandros was defeated.
    • Fixed a client crash caused by using the "Hide" skill near monsters when a summon was in use.
    • Fixed a bug which didn't allow you to switch between Fullscreen and Window mode correctly using the Options window.
    • Fixed a visual glitch caused by previewing a left-handed glaive whilst a shield was equipped.
    • Fixed the "Fearful Allurer" and "Silent Allurer" monsters at Glacier Island performing blank skills.
    • Fixed the "Fearful Allurer" and "Silent Allurer" monsters not moving towards their attacker if attacked from range.
    • Fixed the lighting of the Character selection being incorrect sometimes when returning from the game world.
    • Fixed the lighting and fog of the Login screen being incorrect after logging out of the game.
    • Fixed the dash status icon of the "Blink" skill being incorrect.
    • Fixed a bug which prevented you from setting the BGM or SFX volume to the lowest audible setting.
    • Fixed a bug where the smoke effect from the "FrostWorm" monster wouldn't despawn if it attacked a player vending shop.
    • Fixed visual error at the top of the "Fairy Wing" item.
    • Fixed the icon of the "Pink Bunny Hoodie" item.
    • Fixed the weapon rewards from "Kay's Request" quest having "[Max HP 5]" instead of a class appropriate stat.
    • Fixed "[Righteous Crusader] Gallahad" saying nothing to the player if they were on the "Kay's Secret" quest.
    • Fixed errors with a few quest and skill descriptions.
    • Fixed a bug where you would receive unnecessary "changed Zulie" notifications during a Trade.
    • Reduced the transparency of the tutorial text notification.
    • Renamed "Fisher Gloves" to "Fisherman Gloves".
    • Renamed "Fishing Hat" to "Fisherman Hat".
    • Renamed "Weapon Effect 11" to "Gold Weapon Effect".
    • Removed the level requirement from the "Leprechaun" set.
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