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    Patch Notes:
    • Added the ability for any weapon and shield to be equipped as costume:
      • The item classification for the costume weapon must match your main weapon.
      • Weapons or shields when equipped as costume do not provide any power or bonuses.
    • Added button to the "View Equipment" window to toggle between the selected player's main and costume weapons.
    • Added the active buffs and debuffs of a monster underneath its large HP bar.
    • Added a new armor set for each class to the Reborn Shop.
    • Added anti-client editing for maps.
    • Added new Pet Skins:
      • Dreadnaught Pet
      • Green Aqua Pet
      • Scarab Pet
      • Tyrant Pet
      • Wolf Keeper Pet
      • Yeti Pet
    • Added unique mount "Warship Mount".
    • Added level requirements to non-event Pet Skins.
    • Added new Gloves, Hats, Masks, Shoes and Suits to the Item Mall.
    • Added new "Weapons" category to the Item Mall:
      • This category contains weapons and shields, with low stats, intended to be equipped as costume.
    • Added new game options:
      • Costume Weapon: Enable, Disable or Disable in PvP Maps only the costume weapons of other players.
      • Critical Effect: Enable or Disable the Critical visual effect and screen shake.
    • Added new achievements.
    • Added timestamps to upper system messages if the option is enabled.
    • Added the ability to change your game options from the Login screen.
    • Added confirmation boxes to the Event window buttons.
    • Added a tutorial notification about the Player Menu:
      • Reminder: Right click other players to access the Player Menu.
    • Blocked buffs from being applied to Cart, Castle Gear and Mount riders.
    • Disabled Arua's Fairy from being used or rewarded on Race Tracks.
    • Disabled ability to toggle the UI during the "Owl Eye" sequence.
    • Edited level 6-10 "Curse" skill to AOE the poison status around its target.
    • Edited the "Space Attack" skill:
      • Reduced the success rate of the Fainted status.
      • Removed the 5m Fainted AOE range from the Level 10 skill.
    • Edited the experience gained messages to now include the percentage gained for your current level.
    • Edited item bags to no longer require free space in all inventory tabs if its contents are of only one inventory type.
    • Edited the Game Arena Leaderboards:
      • They will now show your ranking in the leaderboard at the top of the window.
      • You can navigate through the pages using your left and right arrow keys.
    • Edited the appearance of the Cerberus monster and mount.
    • Edited the Union Store weapons to be sold slotted.
    • Edited the Reborn Shop to sell its armor sets complete instead of each piece separately.
    • Edited the Clan Beach to kick players when they spawn if they are no longer in a Clan.
    • Edited the interactive quest item tutorial to be a text box instead of a timed image.
    • Edited the Background Music and Sound Effect volume levels to increase in volume more gradually.
    • Edited the colour of a selected party member's name in the party window.
    • Fixed a bug where buff and debuff timers would be incorrect when coming back into view of another party member.
    • Fixed a bug where the maximum MP of a party member when buffed would be incorrect when coming back into view of them.
    • Fixed a bug where a pet accessory may be lost if trying to quickly equip more than one at the same time.
    • Fixed a bug where some buffs applied to monsters were applied incorrectly when coming into view of them:
      • This bug caused visual glitches such as monsters animating extremely fast on the client when buffed.
    • Fixed the classification of "Magic Tool" items.
    • Fixed a bug where the Game Arena punishments were sometimes not correctly applied.
    • Fixed animation error with the ancient statues of Verminios.
    • Fixed the achievement window having 2 achievements related to the "Cerberus" quest.
    • Fixed the position of weapon effects on the "Grody Scrubber" and "Pink Guitar" weapons.
    • Fixed the "Storm Charm" consumable not reducing the magic resistance of affected enemies.
    • Fixed the "Blue Icicle" consumable not reducing the defense of affected enemies.
    • Fixed dozens of monster skills not applying the status conditions correctly/as intended.
    • Fixed a bug where a player's movement speed could go lower than the intended minimum speed of 200.
    • Fixed the debuffed messages displaying when a player debuffs themself.
    • Fixed the rotation of the Diamond and Pink Opal gems on all launchers.
    • Fixed the drop model of the "Breakdown Glaive" weapon.
    • Fixed several floating and misplaced objects at Cold Island.
    • Fixed a bug where players wouldn't be teleported into the Memphis Dungeon if the party leader was changed immediately after signing up.
    • Fixed a bug where [Character Reset] Jess showed the wrong increase for the Pearl Birthstone.
    • Fixed a bug that caused the level of a party member to disappear from the party window whilst they were still in visible range.
    • Fixed the holding position of the "Ivy Skull Wand" weapon.
    • Reduced the amount of Glaive attack power gained from the Dexterity stat.
    • Reduced the speed of the flying Christmas Sleigh mounts.
    • Reduced the default sound level of the background music and sound effects.
    • Reduced the food consumpation rate of most animal mounts.
    • Reset the "Cold Island" and "Dolphin Island" racing track leaderboards.
    • Updated the Options window:
      • We've redesigned the window to allow us to better organise the various options we've added.
      • Some of your options will reset with this update.

    Race Tracks

    With this update, we'll be resetting in the leaderboards for the Dolphin Island and Cold Island Race Tracks. We thank everyone who helped to find issues with our new racing system and we'll be doing another Race Event shortly after this update.

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