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Patch Notes:
  • Added a new Game Arena, Battle Royale:
  • Added the ability to sign up to Game Arenas by clicking the Game Arena announcement text in the chatbox.
  • Added materials to [Ammunition] Grawth's shop at Ramesses Mines.
  • Added the ability to ban players from Game Arenas for a specific amount of time:
    • We'll use this as a deterrent for anyone abusing bugs/exploits/glitches inside Game Arenas.
    • We'll still apply account bans for more severe cases, or if a player continues to the action after their Game Arena ban expires.
  • Added option to leave the Clan Beach from [Clan Owner] Burtland:
    • This will teleport the player back to the zone they entered the Clan Beach from.
  • Added a new 'Notify' checkbox to the Game Arena window:
    • You can enable notification for individual Arenas.
    • When sign ups either open or begin, the client window will flash to notify you.
  • Added additional Flanae monster spawns to Adventurer's Plains.
  • Added new costume weapons to the Item Mall:
    • Jellyfish Wand
    • Kerokero Umbrella
    • Pink Angel Dual Swords
    • Pink Angel Sword
    • Teddy Bear Katars
  • Disabled timestamps for system messages:
    • I believe this was a recent suggestion we implemented, however it causes issues with some of our chat features so we've had to disable it.
  • Edited Experience Medals and No Experience scrolls:
    • You can no longer have an Experience Medal active whilst using a No Experience scroll, and vice-versa.
    • You can no longer have an Experience or No Experience Accessory on your Pet whilst an Experience Medal or No Experience scroll is active.
    • If the killer of a monster is in a party and has a no experience scroll active, party members will no longer receive experience. If another party member is the killer of the monster, the party will receive experience as normal.
  • Edited the Verminios boss event:
    • Added drop tables to the Verminios Guardians.
    • Added more available items to the Verminios event:
      • Bronze Earring (INT)
      • Bronze Necklace (CON)
      • Bronze Necklace (DEX)
      • Gold Necklace (DEX)
      • Gold Necklace (INT)
    • The bosses killed counter will no longer reset on a server reboot.
  • Edited low level weapons and shields so that they can be drilled and have a chance to drop or be crafted with an empty socket.
  • Edited quest items obtained from Union quests to no longer be shared with party members.
  • Edited and improved the quality of 22 item icons.
  • Edited the position of the gem effect on the "Saints Pendant" item.
  • Edited Icicle consumables:
    • Their success rate increased to 500%.
    • Their duration has been reduced to 5s.
    • Their stamina consumed has been aligned to match.
  • Edited the Game Arena window:
    • Arenas will now be listed in alphabetical order.
    • Arenas will now automatically refresh when 'Filter' is toggled.
  • Edited and improved the text of the Muse Job Change Quest.
  • Edited the 2nd job quests so that they can't be abandoned.
  • Fixed a crash relating to the items shown in chat for players with larger resolutions.
  • Fixed the party options displaying incorrectly for party members other than the leader.
  • Fixed clan point and consumable drops from Astarot monsters not being free for all.
  • Fixed the position of gem effects on certain blue bows and on the "Rose" and "White Rose" bows.
  • Fixed the Rubrum monster dropping the Warship Mount and uniques.
  • Fixed the level requirements of the Magic School equipment being different.
  • Fixed the height of the terrain on the edges of the Survival Arena map.
  • Fixed a number of errors with the dialogue text of the first job quests.
  • Fixed players not being teleported to the previous zone they were on when they leave the Clan House.
  • Fixed an issue with [Historian] Jones that could cause certain dialogue options to not appear sometimes.
  • Increased the cooldown time for existing PvP Game Arenas from 15 to 30 minutes.
  • Increased the level requirement of all Redfield Suits:
    • The suits now have the same level requirement as their set's gloves, hat and shoes.
    • The suits will automatically unequip from your character if you do not meet the new level requirement.
  • Increased the pick up range for the Auto Pick Up Accessory to 57m.
  • Reduced the Oro Instance waiting room time to 5 minutes.
  • Removed the account bound restriction from the Trainee and Brave experience medals that are rewarded from Arena Chests:
    • This change only affects medals obtained after this update.
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Battle Royale has become an extremely popular game mode with the release of PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds and Fortnite Battle Royale this past year.

We proudly present our take on the Battle Royale game mode, with the same mechanics which make existing Battle Royale game modes fun, tactical and challenging. We are the first MMORPG to release this game mode!

In Battle Royale, players take part in the ultimate survival by finding loot, battling up to 50* other players and surviving to be the soul survivor.

* This may increase!

At the start of a new game, players will spawn in a random location across the map. Players will be frozen for the first 30 seconds whilst players load into the game and allow you to prepare yourself for battle.

We've created an enormous island for Battle Royale to take place on. It is by far the largest map ever created in ROSE Online by size and playable area. The island is also unique in that it brings together different climates and themes.


There are a number of different rounds in Battle Royale. At the end of each round, the storm closes in and reduces the playable area in which players can survive. Camping won't help you in this game.

The storm is viewed as a semi-transparent wall which reduces in size and glides across the terrain as the rounds go on.


If you're caught up in the storm, you will start to lose health. During latter parts of the Arena, the health you lose significantly increases.

The central point of the storm is randomised every time a new game starts.

During a game, players must find loot which is spread out across the Battle Royale islands. Loot you can find include:
  • Equipment: Three sets of class-specific equipment and a number of generic equipment.
  • Weapons: Three to five types of each weapon class.
  • Skills: Found in the form of consumables.
  • Potions: Found in the form of heal-over-time potions.
  • Gems: Grades 1, 3 and 5.
  • Ammo: Found in small stacks and with a ranged weapon.
  • And more!
All stat and level requirements have been removed from equipment. Class requirements have been set to first class only (e.g. Dealer, Hawker, ...). Skills have a weapon requirements and cannot be learnt - they are consumed when used.

Loot has been split into common and rare loot tables. Common loot include generic equipment or melee weapons. Rare loot includes ranged weapons or equipment which give you an advantage, such as a pair of wings.

When you kill another player, the equipment which they have equipped will be dropped on the floor for anyone to loot.

We've also restricted the amount of items you can pick up and hold in your inventory.

This will be the most balanced Game Arena you've experienced yet: all players start completely equal! When you start a game, your level will be set to Level 100 with the same stats as all players. This means a brand new player can take part and be on the same playing field as an experienced player.

You will not be able to use any existing equipment, stats or skills inside Battle Royale. Your inventory is completely empty - you must find your loot!

Each game, a random weather event will be picked from a selection which includes:
  • Standard Day/Night cycle
  • Night time
  • Fog
  • Sandstorm
  • Snowstorm

Rewards include achievements, titles and point based rewards. We have not yet fully decided on the rewards we'll add, and the ones we have added so far will be locked whilst the game is in beta.

There are many more features and mechanics to our Battle Royale which you will find for yourself when playing, and more we plan to add and change in the coming weeks.
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Battle Royale Dev Notes

The Battle Royale game mode has been super fun to work on. As with a lot of things, the idea started on Discord as casual chat, then I began to wonder if it's something we could create. The mechanics are super complex and more technically challenging than anything ever added to a ROSE Online game by ten fold.

We gave 'Supporters' a unique insight to the development of a project like this by creating a development blog which they were able to follow and question or suggest along the way. It was super helpful being able to bat ideas around with players so they could help steer the direction of this new game mode.

Work began on the Battle Royale island at the start of October and it's initial plan looked something like this:

After just over a week, we had something which looked like this:

Work began on the code and mechanics of the game mode during the last week of October.

It's hard to appreciate how big the map actually is. To compare it to existing maps, it is bigger in dimensions than the current largest maps (i.e. Geb Desert, Memphis, ...) and bigger in playable area size by 2-3x. This made it challenging to theme given the amount of space we had to fill up.

Almost everything about this new game mode has had to be created from scratch - there was almost no existing code base we could use for it. This new game mode was extremely ambitious and really pushed the boundaries of what we could do and what the game could do, but I do feel it's integration has been on another level.

Nothing like this has ever been added to this game before and we're the first MMORPG to attempt to integrate this game mode - really cool.

Please consider the Battle Royale game mode as Beta. This means there will be bugs and missing things we want to add. The game mode will be manually opened by me when a play test is scheduled.

The maximum players is currently set to 50. There is no minimum player requirement at this time as it will only be opened when a play test is scheduled.

The focus for the coming weeks will be to do various play tests, focusing on bugs and balancing. There are more things we want to add to the game mode which we'll continue to work on.

To give you an idea of the direction we want to take this game mode, some of the things we'll be working on include:
  • Improved Storm: A fancy effect which better defines its position.
  • Storm Position: The center point changes for each round within the same game.
  • A full map: Showing the whole island, your position and the position of the storm.
  • Team queues: This means you will have the ability to queue as a team - possibly a team of 2 or 4 - and battle against other teams.
Join us on the play tests and we hope you enjoy it!
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