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    Our Christmas Event has been enabled!


    Patch Notes:
    • Added additional items to the Christmas Gift Bag.
    • Added the 2017 Christmas Present reward from Santa Claus.
    • Added new monsters for the Event Team to spawn.
    • Added a new icon to indicate when the Christmas Event is active.
    • Edited the Exit button of the Racing Track Arenas:
      • If your previous zone was a PvP zone, you will be taken back to a respawn point instead of your old coordinates.
    • Fixed hair clipping issue with the Santa Disguise Cap.
    • Fixed a bug where you weren't able to learn the 'Levitation' skill.
    • Fixed an issue that made it difficult to navigate around the large Christmas Tree at Snowflake Town.
    • Fixed the Hylian Shield in the Event Bag being rewarded without an empty socket.
    • Fixed a bug where you weren't able to rejoin (some) Game Arenas after disconnecting:
      • You are able to rejoin all Game Arenas except Survival Arena and Battle Royale.
    • Fixed a bug where the server still thought you may be AFK whilst queued for some Game Arenas.
    • Increased the amount of Christmas Gift Bags rewarded from the Christmas quests.
    • Removed the strength stat requirement from the Ice Cream event weapon.

    Battle Royale Patch Notes:

    • Fixed a bug where the 2nd player wouldn't show correctly on the leaderboards when more than 10 players being shown.
    • Fixed a bug where your own position was being calculated incorrectly when more than 10 players being shown.
    • Fixed a bug where the Battle Royale map may not correctly show the storms current position.
    • Fixed a bug where it may have been possible to attack a player after you had died but very shortly before it teleported you out of the Arena.
    • Fixed a bug where the client data was being reset when a player was removed from the Arena (i.e. from being killed, logging out, ...).
    • Increased the level limit to Level 1 - 228.
    • Restricted the Battle Royale map from showing until the Warm Up round has ended.
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