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Patch Notes:
  • Added the free stat and skill reset to [Character Reset] Jess at the City of Junon Polis:
    • This reset will not be available if you use the free reset from [Village Chief] Cornell at Zant.
  • Added a level limit to each Questboard quest:
    • The limit is when monsters featured in the quest are approximately 15 levels below you.
    • The quest will no longer be listed on the Questboard if you exceed its level limit.
  • Added a new Party option that disables the sharing of experience points between party members.
  • Added the option to craft Vital Jams (+10) with the Alchemy Crafting skill.
  • Added 12 new clothing items to the Valentines Box.
  • Added Valentines Box as a reward for winning Game Arenas whilst the Valentines Event is active.
  • Added Valentines Weapon Box:
    • The weapons from the Valentines Box have been moved into this new box.
    • This box can be purchased from the Item Mall or [Event Info] Felice Fete during the Valentines Event.
  • Added an additional reward to the Heart Shaped Present.
  • Added Dragon Cart Frame, new clothing and masks to the Item Mall.
  • Added Iron Geta back to the Item Mall.
  • Edited Crystal Defenders:
    • Edited the map to improve client performance. Clients now render 50-60% less objects throughout the map.
    • Edited and improved the alignment and quality of the minimap.
    • Fixed map exploits that allowed players to access the enemy team's base.
    • Fixed missing waterfall particle effects.
    • Fixed several walls and railings that were not being rendered by the client.
    • Removed environment objects near the Crystals to prevent players getting caught on them.
  • Edited Geb Desert:
    • Teleport scrolls can now be used during combat when PvP is disabled on the map.
  • Edited the Valentines Event weapons to be rewarded with an empty socket.
  • Edited the Love Pigs to always drop a Valentines Event consumable.
  • Edited the Christmas and Halloween Tree summons so players can click and move through them.
  • Edited the Skill Tree button to be visible for Visitor class players.
  • Edited the casting animation of the Blink skill back to its original animation:
    • We've also adjusted the timing of the Blink visual effect to play earlier in the animation.
  • Edited consumable scrolls so that they can be clicked and picked up easier.
  • Edited the dialogue of the Season of Love questline.
  • Edited the colour of the Staid Gentleman Hat of Rebirth to match the rest of the set.
  • Edited the following icons:
    • Majestic Bone Jewelry (all 3 accessories).
    • Staid Gentleman Hat.
    • Staid Gentleman Suit.
  • Edited Character Reborn:
    • Any Pet Skin and Accessories which are equipped will now be removed and placed into your Premium Storage when Reborning.
  • Enabled our new Game Arena, Battle Royale:
    • Battle Royale is now permanently open.
    • Sign Ups will open 30 minutes after the game server restarts, or after the last Battle Royale ended.
    • The leaderboards have been reset with this update.
    • We'll continue to monitor for any issues and we aim to have a competition running for Battle Royale once we're satisified it is stable!
  • Fixed a bug where timed costume items would remain visible after they had expired after logging in.
  • Fixed the warp at the top right of the Seth Shrine (B3) map not working.
  • Fixed a bug where skill books were unable to be learnt if you didn't have the correct weapon equipped.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented players being able to remove materials from the crafting window.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the Tombs of Sorrows Key quest to not complete correctly on the client.
  • Fixed the item tooltip of materials in the crafting window not showing when hovering over them.
  • Fixed the chat inputbox not scrolling horizontally after inserting an item link or pasting text.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause trackable quests, when added to the quest log, to not be tracked.
  • Fixed the refining success rate of the Little Red Hood being far lower than the rest of the Little Red set.
  • Fixed a bug that could prevent players from starting or turning in a Questboard quest sometimes.
  • Fixed incorrect drop models for the Valentines weapons.
  • Fixed the refining success rate of several Item Mall suits being higher than intended.
  • Fixed a bug where the Game Arena Rankings leaderboard would not show the correct results.
  • Fixed the preview string being missing from the tooltip of Ammunition and Herb Crates.
  • Fixed a few hairstyles in the Change Appearance window being slightly miscoloured.
  • Fixed the Party option "EXP Division" being referenced as "Experience Rate" in the chatbox.
  • Fixed a bug with [Elder of Junon Order] Gorthein that caused an invalid dialogue option to show.
  • Increased the amount of Valentines Boxes rewarded from the Season of Love questline.
  • Increased the range of the Detect skill.
  • Reduced the frequency and adjusted the position of the visual effect that shows on harvestable flowers.
  • Reduced the size of the Crafting window interface.
  • Removed the account bound item restriction from the Pop Idol Costume Bag.
  • Removed the Crystal Defenders (Level 150-199) tier.
  • Removed the Gamer Score bonus from the 'Just My Luck' (from the old AruaLottery) achievement.
  • Renamed Wataame Wand to Cotton Candy.
  • Renamed Wooden Sandals to Wooden Geta.
  • Reset the Game Arena Rankings:
    • Since adding the rankings, the intention was to have the leaderboards show only current, active players. Inactive players would have their Arena Rank regularly decay.
    • Due to the previous set up, this wasn't possible and players would only decay after logging in - meaning inactive players would remain on the leaderboards. Many players also exploited their way to the top of the leaderboards.
    • To maintain your Arena Rank, you must play in a Ranked Game Arena at least once every two (2) weeks.
    • After 2 weeks, your Arena Rank will start to decay daily. Once you reach the bottom tier of the ranks (Bronze III), it will be removed completely.
    • Players who are aware of any outstanding bugs/exploits with Arena Ranks not increasing or decreasing should report them immediately, else your Arena Rank will be taken from you and your account will be banned from joining any Game Arenas in the future.
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