AruaROSE v967


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Patch Notes:
  • Added support for particle effects on Hats:
    • Jack Lantern Hat: Added candle lights inside the hat.
    • Reindeer Antlers: Added flashing lights to the hat.
  • Added Tourmaline gem to craft tables.
  • Added Hawk Skin (C) to the Box of Summon Skins.
  • Added new items to the Item Mall:
    • Animal Head Gears Box
    • Dual Light Swords
    • Fighting Gloves (Katar)
    • Flintlock Rifle
  • Edited Armbraces so that they can be refined:
    • Note: Refining armbraces provides no stat increases.
  • Edited Cave of the Dead:
    • A 10s dumb will be applied to players who die in PvP.
  • Edited Game Master Buffs:
    • Added a [GM] tag to the Game Master Buff status names.
    • Game Master Buffs will now be removed from players when they enter a PvP Zone.
  • Edited player summoned monsters to die immediately when their owner dies.
  • Edited the position of Gem effects in the Coyote Wand.
  • Edited the Sicru's Escaped Chickens quest to require players to use nets to capture the Chickens.
  • Fixed large holes in female hairstyle 15 when wearing a hat.
  • Fixed text alignment errors with the Crafting window.
  • Fixed the Oro Explorer achievement not unlocking correctly.
  • Fixed a bug where characters which haven't logged in since 2012 or earlier would unlock some rewards to achievements they hadn't unlocked.
  • Fixed the Memphis Moldie Pharoah skills having no visual effects.
  • Fixed the range of the Memphis Moldie Pharoah AOE skill being very large.
  • Fixed not being able to see the damage dealt from the Mummy Princess monster.
  • Fixed the appearance of the Bear's Paw weapon.
  • Fixed a bug where player summons may remain alive after a player had died and were resurrected.
  • Fixed bugged time remaining displaying on the tooltip of HP/MP restoration status icons.
  • Fixed a visual glitch with the Cave of the Dead map where players could appear fully underneath the terrain.
  • Fixed the height of the Dual Sword, Glaive and Katar player death animations.
  • Fixed a display bug with your own leaderboard shown at the top of the Game Arena Leaderboards.
  • Fixed a bug that caused a weapon's base effect and trail to disappear when a 'Weapon Effect' was unequipped.
  • Fixed the icon of the Pink Cupid Wing.
  • Reduced the amount of particle effects at the Cave of the Dead map.
  • Removed the account bound restriction from the Chicken Pet.
  • Renamed the Manager Moldie set to Captain Moldie.

Battle Royale Patch Notes:
  • Added additional checks when players finish an Arena to ensure they don't still have any Battle Royale specific items.
  • Added new achievements and player titles to unlock for the Battle Royale arena.
  • Added Royale Crown:
    • This crown is rewarded to players when they win 10 Battle Royale arenas.
  • Blocked clan chat from being used.
  • Decreased the speed at which the first storm moves.
  • Edited the leaderboards:
    • The leaderboards will now be ranked by Total Wins, Total Kills then Time Alive.
  • Fixed a bug where the overall leaderboards were displayed incorrectly.
  • Fixed a bug where Arena Objectives would not be correctly rewarded to players.
  • Fixed a bug where your inventory layout was being set back to how it was from when you last logged in, rather than how it was before you joined a game.
  • Fixed a bug where players who were kicked for AFKing weren't teleported away.
  • Reduced the Minimum Level from 10 to 1.
  • Removed the Class requirements from all equipment:
    • This will allow players to mix and match any equipment they find.
  • Removed the requirement to have at least your First Job to join a game.