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Patch Notes:
  • Added Tourmaline to drop tables (grade 1 to 3 only).
  • Added an option to disable the Game Arena quick join links in chat:
    • You can find this under the Messages category.
  • Added an option to change the appearance of Status Icons.
  • Added a faster way to increase your character stats:
    • You can now press Shift + Click on the [+] buttons to increase your stats by more than 1 at a time.
  • Added integration with Discord:
    • When playing the game and with Discord open (note: this will not work if you use their website!), your status on Discord will now update depending on what you're doing in-game.
    • Your characters name, level and class will display to other Discord users.
    • If you're inside a Game Arena, the Game Arena will be displayed as well as how long you've currently been in there for.
    • This will only work for the first game client which you log in. If you close your first game client, another game client will start to up Discord instead.
    • An option has been added to 'Messages' which allows you to turn this on or off.
  • Added a new 'Open Map' skill:
    • Preview:
    • This new skill allows you to view a full sized map including the NPC positions across the entire map.
    • You will only be able to view maps of ones which you have previously visited.
    • We've added this as a default Basic Skill for new characters and existing characters can learn the skillbook buy purchasing it from [Righteous Crusader] Leonard in the Canyon City of Zant.
  • Added a new server selection menu on the Login screen:
    • Preview:
    • Once launched, players will be able to switch between the 'Arua' and 'Classic' games directly from the login screen using the same game client.
  • Edited Tourmaline's colour to white.
  • Edited Sikuku Ruins map:
    • Edited the map and objects to improve client performance.
    • Edited the lighting of the map to be similar to other Eldeon maps.
    • Edited several monsters:
      • Changed names of the following:
        • Warbiz Protector to Hornet.
        • Higher Tigris to Tigris Leader.
        • Elder Sikuku Predator to Blind Sikuku Cannibal.
        • Sikuku High Chief to Bloody Sikuku Chief.
        • Sikuku Dismember to Sikuku Dismemberer.
        • Sacred Flames of the Sikuku Tribe to Lost Sikuku Fire.
        • Sikuku Fleshlasher to Sikuku Tormentor.
      • Edited textures of the following:
        • Fiery Warbiz.
        • Arachnid.
        • Aplysia monsters.
        • Bone Spider.
        • Elder Sikuku Predator (now Blind Sikuku Cannibal).
        • Haunted Tree.
    • Reduced the amount of monsters from each spawn point.
  • Edited the starting time of the Sun God Ra event to change every day:
    • It will rotate between 1:15am/1:15pm and 7:15am/7:15pm server time.
  • Edited Carts, Castle Gear and Mounts:
    • If you run out of Fuel/Food whilst in one, you will now be taken out of it automatically.
  • Edited Pets so that they can't be clicked.
  • Fixed a bug where Gem effects could be partially visible through players and objects.
  • Fixed a bug where you weren't able to move or chat if you were revived and clicked to respawn at the same time.
  • Fixed a desync which sometimes occured on specific monsters when killing a monster for specific quest drops.
  • Fixed a bug with character stats after riding in the cart back seat of another player.
  • Fixed a client error that could occur when fighting the Desert Robot monsters.
  • Fixed the text colour of Monster speech bubbles.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented Gems from being disassembled from the Bunny Hammer and Carrot Gun weapons.
  • Fixed [Little Street Vendor] Pony saying incorrect messages.
  • Fixed a bug where some PvP Arena Objectives were being rewarded inside PvE Arenas.
  • Fixed the Dodge Rate of the Level 10 Hawk summon being less than the other Hawks.
  • Fixed a bug where the deletion confirmation popup would sometimes be hidden when moving the mouse on the Character Selection screen.
  • Fixed a bug where the Zant Visitor Scroll played Christmas music when using the scroll.
  • Fixed a few quest description errors.
  • Fixed a bug where you weren't able to self-cast a skill after killing an object until you moved.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the name of a zone to disappear quickly after entering.
  • Reduced the flashing intensity of the Reindeer Antler visual effect.

This update also adds in all required content for our upcoming Classic Beta weekend.

Battle Royale:
  • Added a quick command players can use to report players who form teams:
    • Command: /teamer [player id]
    • Players are now assigned a random name at the start of every game in the format 'Player [Player ID]'.
    • The Player ID is randomised every game.
    • If you see 2 players or more forming a team, you can report them by using this command.
    • For example, if the name of a player is 'Player 1234', you would type '/teamer 1234' to report them.
  • Added a new skill which is learnt at the start of each game: Open Map:
    • Using this skill will open (or close) the in-game map.
    • The skill is automatically placed into your quickbar at the start of the game.
  • Added a potential fix for the storm effect position sometimes being incorrect for the first round.
  • Blocked items being able to be equipped as costumes.
  • Edited item drops:
    • If an item has been slotted with a gem, the gem will now drop separately and a new gem may be placed into the item.
    • Up to 3 consumable items will now be dropped from a players inventory when killed.
  • Edited skills:
    • Mana requirements have been increased from 100 to 250.
    • This will make Mana Potions more valuable to find, as they are largely ignored currently.
  • Edited Arena Objectives awarded in Battle Royale:
    • We'll now reward these once you're being teleported away from Battle Royale to ensure your game client is ready to receive the updated objectives.
  • Fixed a bug where your own weapon effects would be removed after joining a game.
  • Fixed a bug where you weren't able to unlock the "Battle Royale - Triple Kill" achievement.
  • Fixed a bug where the leaderboards would show time incorrect once your Time Alive count was over 25 hours.
  • Fixed a bug/cheat where you were able to type /showdrops before joining a game and being able to see what items were without having to explore them yourself.
  • Randomised player names:
    • You will now be able to see a randomly generated name for other players. You can use their name to report players who team, abuse or glitch whilst in a game.
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