AruaROSE v969


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Patch Notes:
  • Fixed a bug where quest items given from killing monsters were being rewarded incorrectly when in a party.
  • Fixed the name of the 'Spiritual Beret' (it had an extra space after it's name).
  • Fixed a bug where linking an item didn't automatically add a space after the link text.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented players obtaining free items from [Old Fisherman] Myad.
  • Fixed Summer Event dialogue options appearing when speaking to [Gypsy Jewel Seller] Mina under certain conditions.
  • Fixed a bug relating to transferring consumables in/out of your Storage.
  • Fixed the level mentioned in [Weapon Seller Raffle]'s shout quest and the Stat Reset being wrong.
  • Fixed a bug where the 'You successfully defeated...' message wasn't always being shown after killing a monster.

  • Fixed a bug where resetting your stats would display as 0 on your client.
  • Fixed the Mercenary Warrior and Hunter summons saying an incorrect speech line.
  • Reduced the maximum HP of Summons back to their "IROSE" level.
  • Removed the Basic Skill shop tab from [Righteous Crusader] Leonard as new players start with all of them.
  • Removed the Pet button from showing on 'View Equipment'.
  • Removed the ability to toggle between real and costume weapons when on 'Classic' as weapons cannot be worn as costumes.
  • Restricted the /link command so that it can't be used on 'Classic'.

We've also added a fix for HP/MP sync issues. Please let us know if you experience any strange HP/MP behaviour after this update.
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