AruaROSE v971


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Patch Notes:
  • Fixed the Current Field respawn option not being available at Junon Clan Field.
  • Fixed the Pomic Hunt quest not tracking correctly.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the Soil of Purification questitem popup to appear sometimes after the quest had been completed.
  • Fixed an incorrect dialogue option showing when speaking to [Ferrell Guild Staff] Crow.
  • Fixed the description of the "Class Act" achievement.
  • Fixed several clothing items having an extra space after their name.
  • Fixed a few errors with NPC dialogue text.
  • Fixed a client crash relating to Costumes.
  • Fixed a bug where the height of guages was incorrect.
  • Fixed a bug where appraising an item didn't deduct Zulie from you on the client.
  • Renamed "HP Point" consumable to Health Point.
  • Renamed "MP Point" consumable to Mana Point.

  • Fixed the Discount and Overcharge skills not working correctly.
  • Fixed the Maximum HP of Summoned monsters on the client displaying wrong.
  • Fixed the description of the Character Storage Expansion.
  • Fixed a bug where the maximum party members didn't take into account the party level.
  • Fixed a bug where the maximum party members was 6.

The fixes apply to both our Arua and Classic servers unless otherwise stated.
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