AruaROSE v974


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Patch Notes:
  • Added a limit to the Storage Fee to prevent certain items having a very high cost to store.
  • Edited the 'Open Map Book' skill:
    • You can now see the co-ordinates for any location on the map by hovering over it with your mouse.
    • Map markers for player shops will also be shown on the map.
    • You can now share a location on the map by Shift + Clicking on the map. When a player clicks on your position link in chat, it'll open their 'Map Book' skill and highlight the location.
    • Preview:
  • Edited the auto-reloading of ammo:
    • Metals/Materials will no longer be used for auto-reloading, only shells.
  • Fixed a HP/MP desynchronization issue.
  • Fixed a delay with the showing of damage from fatal attacks.
  • Fixed a bug where Community Mail was shared between both of our servers.
  • Fixed a bug where the game client may not be able to correctly save clan marks.
  • Fixed a bug where the off-hand item wasn't visually removed when equipping a two-handed weapon.
  • Fixed a bug where the quickbars would re-appear even if disabled after changing resolution.
  • Fixed the name and stats of Level 59 Purple Vest of Witch, Ranger Gloves and Tamiya Shoes:
    • These items are now called Elven and have a Level 52 requirement.
  • Fixed the name and stats of Level 19 Brown Vest and Hunter Gloves:
    • These items are now called Elven and have a Level 14 requirement.
  • Fixed a crash which would occur when opening the Community window after switching accounts.
  • Fixed the required Summon Amount on the skill tooltip being incorrect for the next skill level.
  • Fixed errors with several quest descriptions.
  • Fixed a visual bug where the dividers for experience and stamina weren't correctly aligned.
  • Fixed a client crash relating to sound devices.
  • Increased the quest item limit of all Stockpiling quests to 99.
  • Refactored the Costume options:
    • Some performance issues and potential bugs/exploits were found relating to these. An update for this was applied to our game servers last week.
  • Added Magic City of the Eucar (Luna):
    • The travel requirement is Level 41 and costs 5000 Zulie.
  • Added an achievement for defeating the Grunter King:
    • The achievement will automatically unlock for players who have already defeated one.
  • Added new clothing items to the Item Mall.
  • Edited and re-enabled the Jones Quest:
    • Edited the starting times to 12:50 and 20:50 server time. You can check the server time by hovering over the time on the minimap.
    • Players will always be rewarded 1 Gem per quest, regardless of their Charm.
    • Players won't earn proofs if they are using more than a single client in the same party.
    • The Grade [2] Gem reward now requires 10 proofs.
    • The Grade [3] Gem reward has been removed.
  • Edited the casting range and duration of Muse Party Buff Skills to be the same as Muse Friendly Skills, excluding the Healing skill.
  • Edited Vending Shops to have a different appearance on the planet Luna.
  • Fixed Party Member Skills affecting summoned monsters. This was not intended to be on Classic.
  • Fixed "The Scheme" quest not advancing if a party member killed Shroon's Golem.

AruaROSE v973 was released in part last week. As it wasn't a full update, the notes have been included in this update.
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