AruaROSE v978


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Patch Notes:
  • Added the heal visual effect to players when they are healed by the party 'Healing' skill.
  • Edited the Party system:
    • Players can now disconnect from the game server (either by changing characters, logging out, exiting the game or being disconnected) and keep their place in the party for up to 15 minutes.
    • If the player doesn't reconnect within 15 minutes, they will be automatically kicked from the party.
    • If all members of the party are disconnected (assuming the game server wasn't restarted), the party will remain active and members have 15 minutes to reconnect and keep the progress of their party.
    • At least 2 members must reconnect within 15 minutes for the party to be saved, or an extra player invited into the party.
    • Edited the colour of the party experience guage.
    • Edited a few party error messages to be displayed as popups instead of being chat messages.
  • Edited the icons of the following items:
    • All Pickaxes.
    • Blue, Green, Red and Yellow Magic School Sets.
    • Blue and Red Redfield Sets.
    • Demon Wing Hat.
    • Dirty Heart Stone.
    • No Experience Medal.
  • Edited the No UI mode to show the mouse cursor.
  • Edited Battle Royale:
    • You can no longer drop an item if you were in combat during the last 10 seconds.
  • Edited quick-join Arena links so that you can no longer click them if already inside a Game Arena.
  • Edited PAT vehicles to consume no fuel when not moving.
  • Edited the fuel guage text to be shown as a percentage.
  • Edited 'Hovert's Mementos' quest:
    • We've removed the optional 'Hovert's Necklace' quest item as it wasn't required to complete the quest and caused confusion due to the quest tracking.
  • Fixed quest tracking error with the 'Propagation Risking Danger' quest.
  • Fixed a visual error with the 'Blood Shield' item.
  • Fixed some cases where players would be removed from their party if they disconnected from the server.
  • Fixed the quest item count not showing for the 'Forgotten Temple Investigation' (1-3) quests.
  • Fixed a bug where being AFK would cause your character to bug when a Battle Royale game started.
  • Fixed a bug where a 'real' item may be dropped if you are killed in Battle Royale.
  • Fixed a bug with the Refine window that could cause the item and chemicals to be removed from it after a successful refine.
  • Fixed compression artifacts with the majority of Casual Clothing, Food, Job Armor and Shield icons.
  • Fixed a bug where the View Equipment window caused by viewing the equipment of another player whilst the window was already open.
  • Fixed the 'mount has no energy left' message showing when the mount had energy.
  • Fixed the status icons of 'Attack Power Down' and 'Dodge Rate Down'.
  • Fixed the appearance of the 'Redfield Blue Shoes', 'Redfield Black Gloves' and 'Redfield Green Gloves' items.
  • Fixed the 'Redfield Blue Gloves' using the wrong icon.
  • Improved the 'Follow' feature.
  • Renamed 'No Experience Scroll' to 'No Experience Medal'.

  • Added Spiritual/Vital Waters (S), (M) and (L) to [Magic Goods Seller] Pabel's shop:
    • These were sold in the original version but had been temporarily removed from Classic.
  • Added Arua's Fairy:
    • Available to players below Level 70, Arua's Fairy will randomly spawn on you and provide a 20% stat boost for 1 hour.
    • Unlike on our Arua server, it will not provide an experience boost.
  • Added Transparent clothing to [Designer] Lisa's shop.
  • Added animated 'Cat Ears' to the Item Mall.
  • Increased the duration of the Cleric/Muse buff skills.
  • Reduced the drop rate of the 'No Experience Medal'.

Custom Skins

Players using a custom skin for the user interface may experience a visual error with the Party Experience Bar. You will need to wait for the custom skin to be fixed by the user who made it.

For skin creators: The client now uses element 'AVATAINFO_MP_STAMINA' for the Party Experience, instead of 'UI18_GUAGE_MP'.
AVATAINFO_MP_STAMINA is in the texture.