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Patch Notes:
  • Added a new Game Arena: Tournament Arena:
    • Please read below for full details.
    • Please note that the new Arena will not be used for the existing Class v Class Event.
  • Edited the Heavenly Astarot so that its wings do not drop for players over Level 180.
  • Fixed a delay in damage with the Elemental (Skin B) AOE skill.
  • Fixed a the storage fee of the Pumpkin Chest being higher than expected.

Battle Royale:
  • Blocked being able to Trade whilst inside the Arena.
  • Fixed a bug where deaths outside of the safe zone were being processed incorrectly.
  • Fixed a display bug on the Leaderboards when a players Time Alive was above a threshold.

Capture the Fairy:
  • Added a respawn delay:
    • When you die, you will now need to wait 10 seconds to respawn.
  • Fixed a bug where the Capture the Fairy HUD may be visible on the client after logging in.
  • Fixed a movement speed desync which could occur after being killed whilst carrying a Fairy.
  • Fixed a bug where an incorrect objective was rewarded after killing another player.
  • Fixed a small area near the Blue spawn point where players could become trapped.
  • Increased the cooldown time from 15 to 20 minutes.
  • Reduced the strength of the Auto Buffs.

Survival Arena:
  • Fixed a crash relating to spawning in the Arena.
  • Fixed a bug where the Top 10 and Top 5 objectives wouldn't be awarded to the 10th and 5th players.
  • Fixed a bug where deaths outside of the safe zone were being processed incorrectly.
  • Removed HP Increase, MP Increase, Detect and Stealth scrolls from the Supply Bags.

Tournament Arena:
The Tournament Arena is as it says: a fully automated tournament arena. It has been created to make large scale tournaments much easier, faster and fairer.

The Arena has an automated sign up fee process:
  • A new 'Sign Up' option will automatically enter you into the tournament pool and deduct the entrance fee if required.

The Arena has two sign up modes:
  • Manual: We can manually reserve an Arena for two players to complete their scheduled PvP match at a time suitable to them. Once the players have completed their match, we can reserve it for the next scheduled match.
  • Automated: The Arena is assigned a list of scheduled matches which need to be played. When you or your opponent sign up, the queue is locked so that only the other player for your scheduled match can sign up to it. If both players don't join within 10 seconds, the queue is unlocked so other players can join the queue to complete their scheduled match.

The game will automatically keep track of each round and rules will be automatically enforced for the tournament, including:
  • The ability to block consumable items based on their type (i.e. all potions) or specific items (i.e. no Jelly Bean Capsules).
  • The ability to block specific items from being used (i.e. no Heaven's Gear allowed).
  • The ability to block skills based on their type (i.e. no AOE skills) or specific skills (i.e. no Stealth).
  • The ability to block players from being able to change equipment, or only allow them to change equipment for a short period between fight rounds.
  • The ability to block the ability to walk or use PAT items.
  • The ability to block Arua's Fairy from being used.
  • The ability to remove buffs.
  • And more!

We have added two different game modes:
  • Best Of: The player who wins the majority of the score cap. Example: 'Best of 5' would mean that the player who wins 3 rounds wins.
  • First To: The player who reaches the score cap first. Example: 'First to 5' would mean that the player who wins 5 rounds wins.

A new 'Tournament' tab has been added to the Game Arena window. On the available Arenas, you will see:
  • Sign Up: Selecting this is how you will enter into the tournament and pay any entrance fee.
  • Tournament Arena [X]: A list of Arenas which are dedicated to the tournament. In the case of larger tournaments, scheduled matches will be equally split up into different numbered Tournament Arenas. If your match is scheduled for Tournament Arena [1], you will not be able to join Tournament Arena [2], [3], ... etc.

The Tournament Arenas have been integrated into our adminstration panel which allows us to:
  • Keep track of players signing up to the tournament.
  • Assign scheduled matches to each Tournament Arena.
  • View the progress and status of each scheduled match (i.e. if it still needs to be played, or if it has been played and what the score / outcome was).

Time limits and forfeit rules will be enforced in the Tournament Arenas:
  • If players exceed a 30 minute cap, the player with the highest score will win.
  • If both players have the same score, the match is drawn.
  • If you disconnect, or make an attempt to leave the Arena, you will forfeit, regardless of your score.

A new display on the game client will let you keep track of scores and time. If a warm up round is in progress, it will be displayed along with the time remaining until the fight begins.

The Tournament rules can be updated / changed without an update or restarting the game.

Once the Tournament has begun, the Tournament Arenas will be opened at which point players can join with their opponent at any convenient time without the requirement of having Staff watch over the match.
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