AruaROSE v981


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Patch Notes:
  • Added set bonus to the following items:
    • Spiritual Ra set:
      • (2) 2% Attack Power
      • (3) 4% Attack Speed
    • Corrupted Sun God Backshield + Oro masks:
      • (2) 100 Hp Recovery Rate (with Mask of Sorrows or Dusk Mask)
      • (2) 15 Defense (with Mask of Anubis or Crystal Mask)
    • (2) 15 Magical Defense (with Mystic Mask or Gas Mask)
  • Added new items to the Event Bag.
  • Added new items to the Item Mall.
  • Increased Corrupted Sun God Backshield stats.
  • Edited all Arena Objectives so that they can be tracked.
  • Edited the 'Sun God Ra' event:
    • Edited Ra Bowmaster's arrows to fire straight and be more visible.
    • Fire will now appear on the pillars at Oro Clan Field 1 hour before the event starts.
    • Fixed a lag issue that could occur everytime a monster at Deity's Realm was killed.
    • Fixed monsters at Deity's Realm having a chance to spawn and attack from outside the playable area.
    • Improved the transition between the 'Ra Sun Throne' and 'Ra The Corrupted Sun God' phases.
  • Edited the map design of the south east area of Ptah's Rift of Souls.
  • Edited the Boost Up event to provide information about each Class before players finalise their choice.
  • Edited how the remaining quest time of a quest is displayed on the quest tracker.
  • Edited the icon of the 'Lost Treasure Chest of Ra' item.
  • Fixed a bug where the Arena notification window could override the Arena you had already joined.
  • Fixed players being able to use Castle Gear inside all PvP Game Arenas.
  • Fixed a rare bug that could cause the Cursed Moldie Mammoth to not spawn in the Memphis Dungeon.
  • Fixed Luna Crystals having a chance to die on the exact moment they spawn.
  • Fixed the position of gem visual effects on the Icicle wand.
  • Fixed missing name on the 'Lunaris Bottle' weapon.
  • Fixed spelling errors with several item names.
  • Fixed a bug with off-hand items which caused an engine error to show.
  • Fixed a sync issue with players riding on the backseat of PAT items.
  • Increased the casting animation speed of the majority of Muse Friendly buff skills:
    • Cure, Healing, Purify and Resurrection skills have not been changed.
  • Updated the ignore feature to include world shouts.

Capture the Fairy:
  • Added HP and MP increase to the auto buffs.

Survival Arena:
  • Blocked the Community and Private Chat windows from being viewed inside the Arena.
  • Blocked Arua's Fairy from being spawned on players inside the Arena.
  • Fixed a bug where some party buffs could be applied to party members inside the Arena.

As we've previously spoken about, the current Game Arenas are being converted to our new modular Arena system which was created for Battle Royale. This allows us to add in new features with ease, and fix outstanding bugs which the Arenas had - and there were a few. Crystal Defenders was the only existing Arena to not have this treatment so far.

Updated the Crystal Defenders Arena:
  • Arua's Fairy: One (1) Arua's Fairy will spawn across the map in a random location. You can pick up the fairy by walking underneath it, but if you're killed whilst carrying Arua's Fairy, your killer will take the fairy from you. After a short while, Arua's Fairy will respawn in a new random location. Arua's Fairy will follow you for up to 10 minutes.
  • Auto Buffs: To mitigate issues/complaints we've received with Clerics in Game Arenas - in particular, those who refuse to help team mates or no Cleric being on a team - we have added Auto Buffing for Arenas. You will receive a full set of buffs after spawning.
  • Crystal Capture: To capture a crystal, you must ensure that all enemies around the crystal are eliminated. The speed at which you capture a crystal has been greatly increased, and you will capture crystals at an accelerated rate if your team mates also capture it with you.
  • Crystal Recapture: When your team captures a crystal, the other team can capture it by using the same method as above. Also, if, for example, Blue team have captured a crystal and Red team have started to capture it, the Blue team can reset the Red teams capture points.
  • Map Design: To make the game flow better, we have opened up new passages to access different parts of the map. The performance of the map has also been further improved. The amount of crystals on the map has been reduced from 9 to 6.
  • Respawn Delay: When you are killed, players will have a 3 second respawn delay. This should help teams capture crystals better.
  • Rejoin: You have the opportunity to rejoin the Arena if you are disconnected. Arena Score will be deducted from you if you fail to reconnect before the Arena ends.
  • Teams: The teams are now fully randomised when the Arena starts. It is possible for one team to have 1 extra player versus the other if the number of queued players isn't equal.
  • Time Limit: A 40 minute time limit has been added. Once this passes, the team who have the highest tickets will be announced as the winner. If the ticket counts are equal, all players will receive a smaller reward.
  • Others:
    • Minimum players has been decreased to 16.
    • Crystals can be captured from the other team immediately after it has just been captured. Previously, you had to wait a few minutes to do this.
    • We have created an experimental capture mode called "Checkpoint Capture" and we may initiate some play tests with this mode active. If active, your capture progress will be saved in increments of 25%, 50% and 75%.
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We've released a small update today which includes further tweaks to our Game Arenas:
  • Reduced the strength of the HP and MP Auto Buffs for the Game Arenas.

Akram Quest:
  • Added new tiered rewards:
    • 2 Players: 60% Experience for your current level, 30% Zulie from the total amount
    • 3-4 Players: 55% Experience for your current level, 60% Zulie from the total amount
    • 5+ Players: 50% Experience for your current level, 100% Zulie from the total amount
  • Reduced the minimum players to 2.
  • Reduced the cooldown time from 15 to 10 minutes.

Capture the Fairy:
  • Increased the capture distance for taking and capturing a fairy.

Crystal Defenders:
  • Fixed holes in the terrain near Crystal 5.

Survival Arena:
  • Self Buffs have been enabled during the Warm Up.