AruaROSE v982


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Patch Notes:
  • Added 'Ancient Dormant' Clan Event to the Sikuku Ruins:
    • This new event takes place in the southern maze area that was previously inaccessible. The event will begin a few hours after a server restart.
    • The area features our first implementation of dynamic PvP, where a single map contains both PvE and PvP areas. Upon entering the maze your status will change to PvP mode and will turn back to PvE when you exit the maze.
    • Fight your way to the end of the maze and try to survive other players and monsters whilst you investigate an ancient dominator that is said to reside somewhere within the Sikuku Ruins.
    • Once the event has been completed it will become locked for a few hours before starting again.
    • Added the following new items:
      • Drops:
        • Ancient's Helm
        • Armored Gear Schematic
        • Crystallized Memory
        • Malicious Orb
        • Ominous Light Crest
        • Prophetic Light Crest
        • Small Time Core
        • Stone Jaw
        • Tempest
      • Craftables:
        • Armored Beetle Arms
        • Armored Beetle Core
        • Armored Beetle Leg
        • Attribution Shield
        • Marlphos Gleaming Blades
  • Added 'Christmas Hunt' Game Arena:
    • Please read below for an overview and walk through!
  • Added an objective kill limit for Game Arenas:
    • You will not be awarded objectives for more than 20 kills for the Capture the Fairy or Crystal Defender Arenas.
  • Added a new option which allows you to disable the Game Arena join links in the chat area.
  • Edited the Christmas Event:
    • Added new items to the Christmas Gift Bag.
    • Added 2018 Christmas Present.
    • Added Pink Head Warmer reward to the 'Christmas Spirit' quest.
    • Edited and improved the lighting and performance of the Snowflake Town map.
    • Removed common event consumables, such as Snowballs, from the Christmas Gift Bag.
    • Removed 1x and 5x quantities of consumables from Christmas Bags and Chests.
  • Edited the Oro's Walker Ring Backshield:
    • The backshield is now animated and uses particle effects.
    • Improved the appearance and quality of the item's texture.
  • Edited Geb Desert to no longer teleport all players to the start of the map when PvP is enabled:
    • Due to this change, there is now a short delay between the announcement and when Super Aleksandros appears.
  • Edited the PvP Settings of Cave of the Dead, Desert of the Dead, Geb Desert and Glacier Island:
    • Players not in a Clan will no longer be allied with other non-Clan players.
  • Edited the Event Bag:
    • Added Blue and Lilac Rebellion Outfit and Shoes.
    • Increased the base durability of back items in the bag.
    • Removed the expire timer from the Candle Ghost Pet.
  • Fixed a bug where the Recovery HP increase bonus for item sets wasn't working as intended.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented Skills from being learnt under certain conditions.
  • Fixed Tigris at Sikuku Ruins having a chance to spawn Silver Tigers.
  • Fixed a bug with Forgotten Temple (B1) that could cause players to respawn and remain in the wrong sector after a disconnect.
  • Fixed a bug where kill streak achievements would be awarded if you kill yourself on another character.
  • Fixed the level requirement to travel to the Clan Beach from [Clan Owner] Neferamun being incorrect.
  • Fixed the tooltip of the Corrupted Sun Backshield not showing its set items and bonus.
  • Fixed the icon, name and size of the Dark Nephthys Wings.
  • Fixed the Game Arena join links allowing you to join whilst in combat.
  • Fixed being unable to leave Game Arena queues whilst in combat.
  • Fixed missing text on the back of the female CvC Uniform 2018.
  • Increased the respawn timer of monsters in the Forgotten Temple.

Christmas Arena
A new PvP Arena where players start as either a Hunter or a Prop.

  • You must find and eliminate players who are disguising themselves as a Christmas prop.
  • Hunters start as a Level 100 Visitor wearing the Santa disguise costume.
  • To allow the props to hide, the screens of Hunters are hidden at the start for 30 seconds.
  • Use the Hunter's Attack skill, found in your Active skill list or quick bar, to take 40% HP from a nearby prop.
  • You have the chance of unlocking a Christmas Gift Bag by eliminating props.
  • You must outwit Hunters by disguising yourself as a Christmas prop.
  • Props start as a naked Level 1 Visitor and can equip a variety of Christmas props found in their PAT inventories.
  • Use the Prop Transform skill to transform into a prop.
  • A variety of static props and monsters can be found throughout the Arena. Use this to blend with your environment and outwit the Hunters.
  • You have the chance of unlocking a Christmas Gift Bag by surviving in the Arena.
Players have the chance of unlocking a Christmas Gift Bag by actively playing in the Arena - it is not guaranteed that you will receive one on every Arena. Arena Objectives are enabled and can be unlocked by joining the Christmas Arena.

As part of this event, we'll also be running a contest/tournament based on the leaderboards of the Christmas Arena. To view the leaderboards, go to Game Arena (ALT+P) > PvP > Christmas Hunt > Leaderboards (bottom right). Total Wins will not be visible on the leaderboards.

The Top 5 players which have the Total Time Alive, Total Kills and Total Wins for the Christmas Arena will each receive rewards.

Crystal Defenders:
  • Removed Arua's Fairy from any players currently carrying one after a game had ended.

Trading Fees:
These now apply to "self trades" - these are trades which you make to yourself. Players have used this method to bypass the fees we put in place to help remove excess Zulie from the economy. There were a few different options open to us which we were going to implement to tackle this issue, including putting a limit on the amount of Zulie an account can trade based on its age, the amount of Zulie an account can trade within a time limit, etc, however, none were particularly fair on fair players. The fees are in place to remove excess Zulie from the economy and help reduce prices. It's been clear for some time that this is pointless for "higher value" items as players opt to bypass the game mechanics. Furthermore, since players opt to use "middle man" accounts to bypass these limits, there has been a rise in the amount of players being scammed using this method. Whilst these changes won't directly stop you being scammed, they may make you think twice before bypassing the game mechanics as you will be hit with the trading fee regardless as to who you are trading. It's fairly obvious there's going to be a minority against these changes but we'd like to think that you can see that the change itself makes sense. The rules remain unchanged with these changes.

Trading Fees:
A note to clarify that the mechanics of the trading fees have not been changed for Classic and remain the same.
  • Added Christmas Event:
    • The event features several quests to complete and over 60 items to collect.
  • Added Weak Party Buff scrolls to the majority of Junon Planet map drops.
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We've released a small update today which builds on the changes from yesterday. The changes below make up v983.

Patch Notes:
  • Added new items to the Christmas Gift Bag.
  • Added Light Blue Head Warmer reward to the 'Christmas Spirit' quest.
  • Edited the base stat of the Crystal Mask to use Charm 20 instead of Magic Resistance 20.
  • Fixed a visual glitch that could cause players to appear underneath the floor in the new Sikuku Ruins Boss area.
  • Fixed the namebox of monster summons showing an incorrect name.
  • Fixed players always spawning at the top right of Sikuku Ruins after completing a Game Arena if they joined from the PvE side of Sikuku Ruins.
  • Increased the HP of several monsters featured in the 'Ancient Dormant' Sikuku Ruins event.

Christmas Hunt Arena:
You will now be awarded the Win objective if your team won.
  • Added Snow Cone Prop.
  • Added Snow Cone monster spawns.
  • Removed the Snowman Prop.

Trading Fees:
Following on from the feedback received, we've made further changes to the trading fees. Refer to this post for details.

  • Increased the drop rate of Weak Party Buff scrolls.