AruaROSE v984


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Patch Notes:
  • Added new items to the normal and Legacy Event Bags.
  • Added automated announcements to the Quiz event when the correct answer is revealed.
  • Added a tooltip to the server selection on the login screen to show a brief description of our Arua and Classic servers.
  • Added the Lucky Ticket contest:
    • Read below for more information!
  • Blocked the ability to use dances whilst in combat mode or whilst in a Duel.
  • Edited the Sikuku Ruins:
    • Added announcements that display the time remaining until the Maze opens.
    • Edited the fire braziers outside the Maze's entrance to give an indication of when the Maze opens:
      • Both braziers lit: At least 2 hours remaining.
      • Only one brazier lit: Less than 2 hours remaining.
      • No braziers lit: Less than 30 minutes remaining.
    • Edited Marlphos Gleaming Blades to use Crystallized Memory as material for crafting and reduced its level requirement to 184.
    • Fixed issues related to the timing and restarting of the 'Ancient Dormant' event.
    • Fixed a bug which blocked you from joining a Racing Arena from the PvE side of Sikuku Ruins.
    • Reduced drop rate for Subjugation Relics.
  • Edited the Vote popup:
    • [1] The notification will now show around 15 minutes after being logged in.
    • [2] It will not show again on your game client until around 6 hours later.
    • If you restart your game client during this time, [1] and [2] will start over from the point at which you restart your game client.
  • Edited the chatbox input to remain in focus when a Private Chat window opens if there is currently text in it.
  • Fixed a delay on the client that caused players to resurrect slower than on the server.
  • Fixed a bug with the Resurrection skill that could cause a player to become stuck in the dead state.
  • Fixed a bug where a player wearing a refined animated item wouldn't show its grade shine when coming into your view.
  • Fixed a bug where the grade shine of an item wouldn't show for players (staff) going in/out of invisible mode.
  • Fixed a bug where changing an item wouldn't show its grade shine for other players.
  • Fixed a bug where animated items would show on vending shops when coming into range of them.
  • Fixed a bug where animated items and weapon effects would show on players riding PAT items when coming into range of them.
  • Fixed the name of the 'Grouch Shoes'.
  • Fixed players being able to sign up to the Quiz event repeatedly.
  • Removed Halloween and Item Mall items from the normal and Legacy Event Bags.
  • Removed account bound restriction from Seasonal items which expire.
After reviewing some stats on player activity, we've seen that the majority of players which stopped playing did so within the Level 50-70 bracket (since the opening of the server). This has been identified as a particular grind bracket where everything appears to slow down until Level 70, so we're making some changes to the experience of monsters which fall within this bracket.

Goblin Cave (B1):
  • Blood Bat - +40% Experience
  • Goblin Worker - +40% Experience
  • Goblin server - +40% Experience
  • Coal Mine Goblin Worker - +30% Experience
Goblin Cave (B2):
  • Blood Bat - +40% Experience
  • Elder Blood Bat - +30% Experience
  • Gold Mine Goblin Worker - +30% Experience
  • Gold Mine Goblin Server - +30% Experience
Kenji Beach:
  • Doonga - +50% Experience
  • Elder Doonga - +50% Experience
  • Kaiman - +50% Experience
  • Kaiman Guard - +40% Experience
  • Kaiman Ranger - +40% Experience
  • Doonga Fighter - +40% Experience
  • Doonga Hunter - +40% Experience
  • Kaiman Hunter - +40% Experience
  • Krawfy - +40% Experience
  • Kaiman Warrior - +40% Experience
  • Krawfy Warrior - +40% Experience
  • Doonga Warrior - +30% Experience
  • Krawfy Captain - +30% Experience
  • Doonga Leader - +30% Experience
  • Doonga Captain - +20% Experience
Lucky Ticket Contest

The Lucky Ticket hunt is a new contest which can be enabled where by a Lucky Star spawns from specific monsters once killed. Once the Lucky Star is killed, you will be awarded 1x entry into the Lucky Ticket Contest. Lucky Stars will not spawn from all monsters, and we will provide a list of monsters from which they spawn once the details are finalised.

Our plans are to enable this contest on our Classic server first and we'll make an announcement in due course.