Cant hit drop items and Skill

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can i ask how to fix this Im not Using Script :( if i open task manager skill hit drop items its going to ok but if i close the task manager i cant hit skill drop items
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she can't atk, use f1-f12 and drop items even tho she's not using ahk. but when the task manager is opened everything is fine (i guess?)


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You are using a script - you're using AutoIt, which is now blocked. If you click "Processes", you'll see AutoIt in the list somewhere.

We keep server-side logs on when a blocked tool is detected for each player, and that is what your log shows as to what is causing your character to be blocked.

If you cannot use a skill, use some items, drop items, etc, but you can attack then you are using a blocked program - there is no doubt about it as that is what it is designed to do.
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