[EVENT] The King's Tournament


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Greetings Visitors,

The King has decided to host a tournament to determine who are the strongest warriors in his realm; do you have what it takes? This competition will bring much joy to the realm; The king and all of the Guilds have decided to throw out all the stops. The feasts and prizes are some of the most luxurious of the seven planets. Do you think you can you earn the title <Victorious>?

How registration will work
As a player interested in testing their metal, you will need to register by purchasing a "Event Ticket" at the Event window ( ALT+E ). The entrance fee is 75,000,000z. You will need to register via the registration thread and pay your fee.
Registration Opens on 9/15/2018 you have 9/25/2018 to register. The Raffle ticket on event window will be online until a few days before the brackets will be posted when the date is assigned. It is your job to make sure to pay your own fee on time & list your character name(s) in the discussion topic on Forums.
How It will be scored
Using traditional brackets, each round will be scored as a best of eight (first to five). Our approved Referees will be watching and potentially streaming it on a dueling map so the rest of the community could watch if they wanted.

What happens if my opponent is MIA
You have Friday-Saturday-Sunday to do the match. To start each round contact a referee once you and your opponent worked out the time for your duel. If you are unable to do this in this period of time, it will be treated as a loss for both parties(if you have multiple characters in under different classes, those too will be lost. If you try to dodge a match for any reason, such as but not limited to get gear or buy a computer you are disqualified. There is absolutely no reason to dodge a match and this has been the case year after year. Get your gear in order before the tournament starts. If someone is suspected of attempting to match fix they will be banned from all future events and their opponent will move on.

When Can I hold my match
Matches are allowed during weekends only Friday, Saturday and Sunday. No match during weekdays except the said dates earlier. Rounds must take place before Monday at 7PM (GMT-5)
A timetable will be available for you to schedule your match, it is up to your and your opponent to pick a slot that fits your schedule, alternative times can be worked out with a referee but try to make use of the appointments.


  • Pots of all kinds are not allowed to be used during PvP.
  • All participants must begin after the designated Ref says 'go'. If you attack your target before the Ref says 'go', the round will be tossed and will result in a re-do. If it happens a second time, a point will be given to your opponent if they win.
  • Only self-buffs are permitted to be used during this event. No buff scrolls are allowed to be used during this event (i.e. Party, Advanced, Weak and so on).
  • You may not switch weapons or equipment during PvP (You will not be able to switch equipment once you have entered the map, so be prepared).
  • Yukatas are not allowed to be equipped during PvP.
  • Kiting is not allowed at all during PvP.
  • Summons are strictly prohibited.
  • Clerics may not use 'Hide', 'Purify', 'Absolve', 'Cure' or 'Heal' during PvP.
  • Raiders may not use 'Stealth'.
  • Mages may not use 'Mute', 'Cure' or 'Heal' during PvP.
  • Mages are permitted to use 'Blink', as long as it is not used to kite.
  • If suspected of abusing the skill system you will be thrown out.
  • You may not switch gear during a match, if you are going to change equipment do so prior to being placed in the CvC map.(you will not be able to switch gear inside the CvC map so be ready once you are teleported.)
  • A [GM], [EVENT] or [DEV] must be present at your match to referee. Matches that are completed without a valid referee will be considered invalid.
  • All matches will take place on the CVC event map..
  • You may not share gear (e.g. using an item on one character for a match, trading it, & using it again on a different character for a different match).
  • The prizes will be deposited into the same account that the character is on (i.e. we will not allow you to transfer prizes to a different account).
  • If you are holding off a match because you need to get gear-- you will be disqualified.
  • If someone is suspected of attempting to match fix they will be banned from all future events and their opponent will move on.
  • You may not 'walk' when PvPing. Doing so will result in giving that round to your opponent.
  • You may only enter one character in each class


1st Place
50% Zullie Pot based on the bracket
228 Event Weapon based on your Class
Victorious Title
25 Event Points

2nd Place
30% Zullie Pot based on the bracket
25 Event Points

3rd Place
20% Zullie Pot based on the bracket
20 Event Points

To make things a little less cramped if you wish to spectate matches you can do so at

*Disclaimer: rules may be changed during the course of the event due to unforeseen actions, we hold the right to do so without warning, always keep up with the thread for current rules, at any time during this or any other event we hold the right to disqualify you, this decision is final. Be respectful to all players and staff participating/hosting, follow all of the rules and most importantly have fun! Those that do not follow abide by these rules will lose the right to participate in future events.*


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So Late registration is now in place, and the fee has been increased to 125m Registration officially closes on Friday morning GMT-5 (Approximately 6 am) in case there's any last minute. The tables are made and it may look like the artisan bracket is pretty small. (expected) Let's try to get as many in it so it can have a better prize pool. As expected raider is the strongest bracket with 51 Registrants.


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Round 2 deadline is this sunday, matches will be settled automatically on monday. Hopefully we can get all those matches done before then, there's not to many left.