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Queen Bae
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Event Team
Hello everyone!

I am here just to introduce you to a new way we as an event team will be passing out rewards from now on for any and all events we will be running!

Event Points

What are they?
Event Points. For any event you participate in, small or big, you will now earn Event Points instead of an actual Event Bag that has been passed out previously.

How do I earn them?
Every time you win in an event, big or small, you will be rewarded with Event Points.

What do I do with Event Points?
Depended on how many event points you have you may swap out your points for certain event bags. Below is a list of what you can have traded.
  • Event Bag: 5 Event Points [Newest items]
  • Legacy Event Bag: 3 Event Points [Items removed from the current Event Bag]
  • PAT Event Bag: 7 Event Points

What are the Seasons?
1st season: January - March
2nd season: April - June
3rd season: July - September
4th season: October - December

How do I know how many points I have and where can I redeem them?
You may view how many points you have in game by talking to the NPC "Felice Pete" in the center of Junon Polis, this is where you can also convert your current points into event bags. You can also using the hotkeys ALT + E to bring up the Event window.

I won events on multiple names, can I join the points together?
We suggest you stay consistent and try to play on a single character name. Any separate characters you play on any and all points earned will be on that character name. We will not combine points from separate character names.

All event points are earned from all events, from hide and seek to holiday events to random events.
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