Find MrPumpkins lost Pumpkins!


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Greetings Visitors,

It's the time of the year for MrPumpkin to harvest all the spooky pumpkins for his spicy pumpkin latté's, but his friends in the team have hidden the Pumpkins along with some dummy Pumpkins, can you help him find the good ones?

When is the MrPumpkins Lost Pumpkin Event? Tuesday November 5th!

  • Screenshot must be unedited, show your minimap and your character standing beside the pumpkin showing its face. Remember to find the Good not the Dummies. Upload your pictures to Imgur or use a format that can be opened by everyone without a third program & all fit in mail and send the links in the e-mail. (there will be 8 good and 8 bad per round).
  • Email title/subject should be "MrPumpkins Lost Pumpkins 2019 : Round [Number]" ( [email protected]) and all screenshot must be sent in one email only. Using multiple email will be disqualified. Make sure you include which round you are participating.
  • Winners on First round cannot win on the 2nd round. It is restricted to 1 account per Pc.
  • Quickest to submit with the correct answer & the criteria needed are the winner(s).
  • Do only send 1 email, if you fail on doing that tho you can contact the Event Member that is holding the event, in this case [EVENT]Pumpkin on MrPumpkins discord profile, You will find staff on the top right corner. If you contact MrPumpkin in this case, the placement that will count for your part will be on the Last e-mail that you sent in. (note that you will only get 1 extra chance to send in an extra email, otherwise it's counted as disqualification)
  • Rules that applies on this event is also in this LINK make sure you read up properly.
  • The GOOD pumpkins eyes will glow, while the BAD/DUMMY pumpkins eyes won't.
  • Follow This (Example) but exclude the web browser of how your screenshots need to be.

Round 1 will start at 11:30 AM GMT +0
Round 2 will start at 11:30 PM GMT +0

Click HERE to find out what times these rounds are for you! ( you can calculate on it yourself, i'm not a calculator. )


  • How do I participate? Find the 8 Good Pumpkins (Glowing Eyes) across the maps (Only Junon Planet Maps, all maps except pvp-related ones) stand next to them showing their face take a screenshot of them all, and mail them to [email protected] with imgur link/s or how'd you like but that can be opened without a third program and all need to fit in the same email.
  • It's easier to understand an event if you READ the RULES above.
  • How come the first place winner only get's the Flying Pumpkin Mount price? Because it's the first place & 2nd+3rd will have different prizes as indicated, The prize list is final.
  • When will the prizes be deposited? After the 2nd round is done & there is no exact time, but we will post & announce it when it's done.
  • What's the best varient of the squash family? Pumpkins, obviously.

What do I Win:

Flying Pumpkin Mount & Pumpkin Bag!
pumpiis.png pumpaaaa.png

First Place

  • Flying Pumpkin Mount + Pumpkin Bag.
  • 15 event points.

Second Place
  • 10 event points.
  • Pumpkin Bag
Third Place
  • 7 event points.
  • Pumpkin Bag

*Disclaimer: rules may be changed during the course of the event due to unforeseen actions, we hold the right to do so without notice, always keep up with the thread for current rules, at any time during this or any other event we hold the right to disqualify you, this decision is final. Be respectful to all players and staff participating/hosting, follow all of the rules and most importantly have fun!*


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Prizes has been given out, you can check your event points at Alt+E, and the items should be in your storage, thanks for participating! <3