Im losing my username can you help me developer ?


i havent played for a years, so when i comeback to this game i already forgot about my main username for my main character. did any developer or GM can help me to get back my username ? i still remember my password and the name of my characters. i just need my username back because i already forgot the email that i used to bind with my username.. help me please :(


ahhh .. i really2 want it back .. all my item its in that acc.. please GM help me get back my username :(
If you have an idea what it might be and it it's an account made prior to the server merge, try putting a [d] for Destiny or [c] for old Classic before the username. Also make sure you've selected Arua as the server from the login screen.

If you have no idea what your username is, there's likely not much that can be done. It is your responsibility to keep your login details and staff cannot necessarily verify whether you are the owner of the account if you have the password and the email address. It's a basic security principle.