installation issues(pinned post did not help)


i have an issue installing the game.
i have no antivirus and i allowed all exe files in the game through my firewall and there's nothing more i can do. i get stuck at 25 left and downloading the entire installer would require a lot of time.

meanwhile, my friend has an issue starting the installer. the prompt for admin consent doesn't show up for him but it shows up for anything else that prompts it. it shows up in the task manager however.
would be glad if we'd recieve help.


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so for you . you need to make sure the client downloads fully. seems like it corrupted. best to log in and download from server and don't let it pause during download.

from your mate. type>user account control into start bar and put to lowest. then right click on installer and run as admin.

in both circumstance make sure you unzip the file completely IF that is the format you downloaded.


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the best way is to download the client using the torrent link. It has HASH checks to ensure that the installer is not corrupted.


i did... it was not after a fresh install that it occured, it was after an update of 2 week old install.
so i uninstalled en reinstalled from torrent download. got corrupted again...
so i did the same again, this time turned of avira antivirus... success!
i'm just a little bit worried for the next update now :/