Scaling UI


Is there any way to scale the UI up/down (in my case up)?

The inventory/chat is a bit tiny for my display and I can imagine people with 4K screens suffering from this even more.

I know it's possible to change the scaling setting within Windows but I don't look forward to changing scaling every time between work/gaming.

If not, is it possible to include this feature?


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The way it is currently, you would need to edit the GUI, create larger files and edit the tsi to make sure everything is set up correctly. However that wouldn't really fix the font issue at 4k (i guess with the larger interface the font would fit in better?). I know pre AO there were a few of us modding client ui's to support higher resolutions, but there really hasn't been that from the community with the newer interfaces.

Doesn't really help much, but it is a possibility someone would be willing to create such a mod.


i had the same problem before.

if you have the Aruarose Patch client, before you click "Start Game", on the upper right there is a version reset, i click that and boom, looks bigger now.