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As an online service, it's impossible to provide a perfect service for every player 100% of the time because of the simple fact of how the Internet works. Most of the times, the quality of service is outside of both our hands and your hands.

Many assume that just because they can play other games without issues, or visit other websites without issues, that any service we provide should therefore work. Sadly, this isn't how the Internet works.

The simple way to establish whose problem it is, is by simply looking at the players in-game:

  • Our Issue: If there are no or very few players in-game, especially in busy areas such as the City of Junon Polis or Xita Refuge, including no or very few Offline Venders, then our game servers were recently rebooted.
  • Our Issue: If there are no or very few players in-game, but there are many Offline Venders, then it's an issue with our ISP causing all players to disconnect.
  • Your Issue: If there are many players in-game, including Offline Venders, then it's an issue with your PC (such as a firewall or router), your ISP or an Internet carrier they use.
  • Your Issue: If players within your area / country who are also experiencing the same issues, then it's an issue with your ISP or an Internet carrier they use.
To illustrate this point, the below maps show the route which a UK proxy and USA proxy take to the same service.

Each of the numbers shown are 'hops'. A hop is controlled by third-party companies often out of the control of both your and our ISP. A hop is simply a core switch which directs your traffic to another core switch. If there is an issue at any one of these hops, you may experience issues such as lag or disconnections.

Hops can be shared amongst many different ISPs, often in different countries. For example, if there is an issue with a hop in Germany, players in the surrounding countries (such as the UK, Spain, France, ...) may experience the same issues. These issues are out of both yours and our control.

If the issue is Our Issue as we describe above, then it is something we will actively investigate the issue and fix it where we can.

If the issue is Your Issue as we describe above, then there are various programs you can use to temporarily fix the issues.

Our suggestion is for players to try Windscribe. Windscribe is a free VPN originally targeted to gamers. Using Windscribe is a quick and easy way to bypass any issues currently being caused by your own connection.

Windscribe is free, and if you confirm your email address you'll be given 10GB bandwidth to use whilst connected to the VPN. This is plenty of bandwidth to use for Arua.

Our link is a referral link, which will also give you a bonus amount of bandwidth for the lifetime of your account.

These services act as a proxy or VPN which temporarily change the route (and therefore hops) in which the traffic from your PC takes to our game servers.

Further concurring with what I've explained are a number of recent threads on Reddit and the League of Legends forums regarding the same issues on League of Legends:


A quote from a Riot Tech Support Specialist on these issues:

If you are able to play without any lag using a VPN then the issue is not the the final node as you are claiming, but another part of the route that you are taking to reach our servers. The reason why I can say this is that a VPN will only change the route, but not the end point (which is our servers in this case) Sadly it does mean you will need to contact your ISP in regards to this matter.
To try and pin-point the exact issue, you should use the following structure to post about connectivity / disconnection issues you experience:
  1. How often do you get disconnected?
  2. When did it start happening?
  3. What are you doing at that time?
  4. Does it happen at specific times? (i.e. only between 7-10pm)
  5. Are you running multiple clients? If so, do all of them get disconnected, or just one?
  6. Does using SmoothPing, LowerPing or WTFast help in any way?
  7. Do you have anyone in your area / country who uses the same ISP as you and also plays Arua? Do they get disconnected often?
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