Solving Game Client Crashes


Staff member
Some players experience game client crashes which others don't, so we need your help in trying to solve these.

[#1] Whilst logged in, type /crashdump - a message will be output explaining whether it has been turned ON or OFF. We want it to be turned ON.
[#2] Restart your Arua game client.

When your Arua game client next crashes, it will show a new error message: "AruaOnline has encountered an internal error..."

Go to to your Arua installation folder and find a file called full_##.dmp or mini_##.dmp. The dates and times which the files were generated show in the file names, so be sure to pick the latest one.

ZIP this file, preferably with something like 7-Zip, upload the file to a file sharing website such as Once uploaded, please PM me the URL to the file on Discord.