Solving Game Client Crashes


Staff member
Some players experience game client crashes which others don't, so we need your help in trying to solve these.

[#1] Whilst logged in, type /crashdump - a message will be output explaining whether it has been turned ON or OFF. We want it to be turned ON.
[#2] Restart your Arua game client.

When your Arua game client next crashes, it will show a new error message: "AruaOnline has encountered an internal error..."

Go to to your Arua installation folder and find a file called full_##.dmp or mini_##.dmp. The dates and times which the files were generated show in the file names, so be sure to pick the latest one.

ZIP this file, preferably with something like 7-Zip, upload the file to a file sharing website such as Once uploaded, please PM me the URL to the file on Discord.


this is nothing to do with crashes. this is to do with your network. please try other threads on the technical help section, or head over to discord and use the technical help section there.
Redownload game from site and reinstal it worked for me