Summer Raffle


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Event Team

Greetings Visitors,
We are going to start with a tiered prizing raffle. What this means is the more tickets are sold the better the overall rewards can be. All prizes however will be timed and last 60 days.
The Tiers are as follows, you can randomly receive one of the prizes in this tier.

  • 10,000 Tickets Sold, Black Kokeshi Fans
  • 5,000+ Tickets sold, Dark Nepthys Wings, Giant Angelic Wings
  • 500+ Tickets Sold, Black Panda Set
  • 100+ Tickets sold, 20 Event Points
Thresholds will be posted when they are reached. This raffle will end Sunday July 15th at Midnight server time.

*Disclaimer: rules may be changed during the course of the event due to unforeseen actions, we hold the right to do so without warning, always keep up with the thread for current rules, at any time during this or any other event we hold the right to disqualify you, this decision is final. Be respectful to all players and staff participating/hosting, follow all of the rules and most importantly have fun!*