Tournament Arena [Test Run]


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We'd like to do a full test run of our Tournament Arena, from sign ups right through to declaring a winner. The aim of this dummy tournament is to open discussion as to what the general rule set should be, identify any bugs which we've missed, and make further improvements to the system based on the feedback from players who have taken part in the tournament. It is also an opportunity where we can ensure the staff side of the Tournament Arena works fine, and will help identify any new tools we may need to create to make things run even smoother.

Signing Up

To sign up to the tournament, open the Game Arena window (ALT + P) and click the Tournament tab. Click Sign Up at the top of the list, then click the Join button. We have set the entry fee to 1,000z - big spenders only please.

Sign Ups are open right now, and we will keep the Tournament Sign Ups open for a few days. We're not looking for huge numbers of players to join, just enough to get a variety of feedback.

This tournament is open to players of all levels and all classes - so if you get matched against someone you know you won't be able to win, please do still complete your match as it helps us identify any issues regardless.

Going forward, we can limit tournaments to specific levels, level ranges, or classes - so this is not a problem.

Scheduling Matches

Once we close sign ups, a list of randomised matches will be posted in this topic and you will be assigned a specific Arena. Your scheduled match can only take part in that Arena - i.e. if we schedule your match for Tournament Arena [1], you cannot join Tournament Arena [3].

You do not require a referee or anyone to spectate/oversee the match. Contact your opponent, and when you are both ready, you simply join the Arena and your match will begin.

Current Rule Set

Each match is scheduled as First To 5. If you disconnect, you will forfeit your match. During the warm up round, your opponent will be hidden, which prevents you from "pre-clicking" your opponent. You will still know where they are as their name remains visible.
  • Arua's Fairy: Cannot be used.
  • Buffs: Buffs are reset after each round. You can reapply your buff(s) during the warm up round or the active round.
  • Items:
    • You can only change your equipment between rounds.
    • There are no restrictions on what items you can or cannot use.
    • Costume items are hidden during the match - only your real equipment will be seen.
  • Skills:
    • The following skills cannot be used:
      • Summon skills.
      • Emotion skills.
    • There are no other skill restrictions.
  • Storage: Cannot be used.
  • Time Limit: Each match must end within 30 minutes.
  • Transport & Movement: You cannot use any Carts, Castle Gear or Mounts at any point. Players cannot walk - you will run at all times.
These rules may change before we begin the match phase of the tournament.


This will be key to the success of the Tournament Arena. We want to hear your suggestions on ways we can further improve the Arena:
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Sign Ups

Thanks to everyone who has signed up! We've just closed sign ups for this test run and we have 90 players who have signed up.

Before we schedule the matches, we will be releasing a small update to fix a couple of bugs which we've found and added some improvements based on some feedback we've already received which should help tournaments run even smoother. We'll release these changes shortly.


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Scheduled Matches

For those who have signed up to the tournament, please find below your assigned Tournament Arena and opponent. You should contact your opponent to arrange your match. When you are both ready, simply join your assigned Arena.

As this is a test tournament, the matches have no class bias - this means that (e.g.) a Cleric may well be put against a Knight. This is absolutely fine - the idea of the tournament is to ensure the system itself works fine, and to gather further feedback/suggestions. For future tournaments, of course, we will separate matches into classes.

If you find any bugs during your matches, please do report them to us.

Tournament Rules

These rules are automatically enforced - you don't need to do anything to abide by them. If an item or skill isn't listed below, you can assume that there are no restrictions and you are free to use it how you wish.
  • Consumables:
    • Only the following items cannot be used:
      • Arua's Fairy
      • All Bags, Boxes and Chests
      • Birthstone Reset Coupon
      • Quick Storage Access Scroll
      • Skill Reset Coupon
      • Stat Reset Coupon
      • Teleport Scrolls
  • Equipment:
    • All variations of the Yukata.
  • Skills:
    • The following skill types cannot be used:
      • Emotions (including Jump and Levitation)
      • Summons
  • Winning:
    • First to 5.
  • If you leave the Arena by any means (i.e. teleporting out of the map, logging out, being disconnected, ...), you will forfeit your match.
  • Changing equipment can only be done between rounds (i.e. the Warm Up rounds).
  • Buffs are removed at the end of each round.
  • Skill cooldowns are reset at the start and end of the Warm Up rounds.
  • HP/MP are fully restored at the start and end of the Warm Up rounds.
  • You cannot walk at any point in the Arena.
  • Carts cannot be used in the Arena.

Tournament Arena [1]
  • xSpartacuz vs DanceWithTheDevil
  • Alphamaru vs IDITroy
  • degenerate vs iNexus
  • Alkaios vs Wanted
  • yShinja vs YouCanStunMe
  • PikachuOnDrugs vs ctfs
  • GT8 vs compete

Tournament Arena [2]
  • saavagery vs NextTarget
  • noct vs garaw
  • iFemFem vs GetOutMyWay
  • Kamotefries vs Aodius
  • CONVERSATIONS vs silentstorm
  • LiFeXtLyE vs jeremang
  • Letiicia vs BegForMyBuff
Tournament Arena [3]
  • 5ysy vs TheBoogeyMan
  • 4thSense vs ThatXX
  • imixiiiiii vs naej
  • Civita vs Liaas
  • Guawanko vs BuLteX
  • DesertScorpion vs xBardock
  • SexyLordsGat vs letstrycleric

Tournament Arena [4]
  • LilSkies vs Chrissyggnard
  • Traviesita vs danKeborN
  • DonaAlice vs Gaxsu
  • TheUsualSuspects vs Athellstan
  • Slonely vs iMitsuha
  • Bull3ye vs eekaj
  • Rikei vs Aqium

Tournament Arena [5]
  • DoceDeGoiaba vs KaLBoLtz
  • Epic1 vs Ashrak
  • NokiaBRASIL vs iYamateH
  • xXFarmBourGeXx vs Baysavaslari
  • METAMORPHIC vs S2DamaresS2
  • Rocu vs i2018
  • NimbleAssassin vs Henco

Tournament Arena [6]
  • xC0n vs iWickd
  • PufPufek vs iMonolith
  • 0FvcksGiven vs conte
  • ClearBudz vs Tucho
  • kamras vs buenas

Tournament Arena [7]
  • ODRA vs YouDoNOTE
  • HachiKun vs TwinkleTits
  • lVliSsTakE vs lGASPARl
  • xHooks vs Leandre
  • xMaLiGaLiGx vs DecaDuro