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    It's Valentines across the world - a Season of Love.


    Junon's Little Angel, the angel of affection, needs help during the Season of Love. He will appear to characters above Level 10.


    During the Season of Love, you can defeat special Queen Bosses to find Valentine materials:

    • Jelly Queen (Adventurer's Plains)
    • Woopie Queen (Canyon City of Zant)
    • Rackie Queen (Breezy Hills)
    • Mama Moldie (City of Junon Polis)
    • Krawfy Queen (Kenji Beach)


    Carrion, the Armor Seller in the Canyon City of Zant, has a secret crush and wants to show this through a present. If you think you can help him, collect some Love Pork by defeating Love Pigs and return to him for a reward.


    Meanwhile, Winters, a guardian of the City of Junon Polis, has a problem. As part of his duties, he is unable to leave his post in fear that the City will be attacked. He asks that you deliver a letter to his crush, Antheia, in Canyon City of Zant.

    Think you can become the match maker?


    Edones lover was kidnapped by the Aquas on the way to see him. Speak to him in Amina Lake and help him find 20 pieces of evidence.


    Once you've collected enough rewards, you can speak to [Event Info] Felice Fete found in any major city. She'll let you pick from a variety of prizes including a Valentines Box and a new Costume Bag which will give you one random item.
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