Boost Up Event


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Due to the huge success we experienced with our previous Boost Up Event, we are kicking off the event once again!

The Boost Up Event allows players to instantly get a foot into the game to begin their journey. Players will receive:
  1. A maximum of 2x instant Level 120 Characters.
  2. The ability to instantly select your Second Job.
  3. A Booster Pack relevant to the job you choose.
There's no catches! Redeem the coupon below and hand the token to [Visitor Guide] Arua's Fairy in Adventurer's Plains. To redeem the coupon, click the Redeem Coupon button in the Character window (ALT + A):

Any characters created through the Boost Up Event are yours for life. They will not expire and will not be deleted.

If you're a new player with no previous experience of Arua, we strongly recommend creating a Cleric with your Boost Up.
This will allow you to use your Cleric to level up other characters which you create.

Please note that you can only use the Boost Up Event on our Arua server.

Once redeemed, the Booster Pack will be available in your Storage. Either speak to a Storage NPC, or use the Quick Storage Access scrolls in your Inventory.

The Booster Packs contain:
  • Four piece armour set (Hat, Body, Suit, Gloves) relevant to your Job.
  • All weapon types (e.g. a Bow, Duel Weapon and Katar) relevant to your Job.
  • Three piece jewellery set (Earring, Necklace, Ring) relevant to your job.
  • 100x Red (+2000 HP) and Blue Pills (+2000 MP).
  • 5x Quick Storage Access scrolls - instantly open your Storage from anywhere.
  • 5x Canyon City of Zant Teleport Scrolls - teleport to one of the cities.
  • 5x City of Junon Polis Teleport Scrolls - teleport to the major city of planet Junon.
  • 3x Arua's Fairy - instantly summon an Arua's Fairy to follow you for 1 hour.
  • 3x Gift Boxes - a series of boxes which contain over 100 goodies.
  • 1x Stat Reset Coupon - allows you to redistribute your Stat Points.
  • 3x Unique Titles- personalise your character with a title.
    • Rest In Peace.
    • The Booster.
    • Boosted.

Four Piece Armour Set & Weapon Types:
  • The Armour and Weapons you will receive are Dynamic.
  • Dynamic items will automatically level up with you.
    • Level 145
    • Level 155
    • Level 165
    • Level 175
These items will not be quite as good as the real Job Armour and Weapons, but you will provide you with a solid starting point.

  • If you are a Visitor, you can change to any job when redeeming the Boost Event Token.
  • If you already have your First Job, you can change to your Second Job when redeeming the Boost Event Token. For example:
    If you are already a Soldier, you can choose Champion or Knight but not Cleric or Mage.
  • You must be below Level 120 to redeem the Boost Event Token.
  • The Boost Event Token can only be redeemed once per account.
  • The Boost Event Token can be redeemed up to twice per computer.