Two-Factor Authentication


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Since upgrading our website in September, we introduced a new extension to AruaGuard: two-factor authentication. We've noticed that less than 0.001% of accounts which have AruaGuard enabled have yet to enable this extension, and I'd like to make a small public service announcement to help increase awareness of it and the benefits of it.

Intruders have recently been targeting the email account of players which allows them to bypass our own security gates. If two-factor authentication is enabled, it will stop anyone from logging into your account on the website unless they have your mobile device, thus increasing the security of your account by ten fold.

Please consider enabling it on your account. Read below for more information.

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Enabling Two-Factor authentication on your account will mean that no-one is able to log into your account on the website* without entering a two-factor code. Two-factor codes are time based and refreshed every 30 or so seconds.

We have added support for Google Authenticator (Android / iOS) and Authy (Android / iOS).

When setting up two-factor authentication, we'll generate a unique secret key which can only be used on your account. Follow the instructions on the page to add the account to your application.

When it's enabled, you'll be given a unique recovery phrase. You can use this recovery phrase to access your account and disable two-factor authentication if your device is lost or reset. Please write it down and keep it safe.

Two-factor authentication can be disabled at any time (providing you have a two-factor code or the recovery phrase).

When logging into your account, users will be prompted to enter a two-factor code.

This will ensure only the account owner can log into the website. With two-factor authentication enabled, you will also no longer be required to enter your Security Q/A when performing account actions which required it in the past.

Authorising and deauthorising computers with AruaGuard remains unchanged and will continue to secure your account as it has done previously.

* Depending on the feedback, we may eventually extend it so that it can also be used to protect your account in-game.